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Will Santa Like Your Bathroom

Will Santa Like Your Bathroom

Coming down the chimney, full of soot, it makes sense that Santa might need a bath or a shower. The question he will be asking is not “have you been naughty or nice?” but “is your bathroom Christmassy enough and good enough for the man in the red suit?”

 When Santa visits you and just in case, he needs a bath or a shower here are a few ideas that may make him feel a little more at home in your bathroom all thanks to Home Depot. With these few ideas you will not need to ask, “will Santa like your bathroom?”  because he will and so will you and when you have used a We Are Coupons Home Depot Discount Coupon Santa will never know how much you saved!

Shiny Faucets

Before we get into décor there a few things that research has shown that Santa looks for when choosing a bathroom to use on his round the world journey. One of the top things he looks for is shiny faucets. Replacing the faucets in your bathroom can make no end of difference and give your bathroom a surprising lift. Home Depot knows all about shiny faucets and we can give you plenty of ideas that will make Santa, and your family, love your bathroom just by looking at the faucets alone.

Bright Cheerful Bathroom

The lead up to Christmas is the perfect time to rethink your bathroom and maybe remodel it. A Christmas bathroom makeover is a superb idea and may create something magical  that helps your bathroom retain the Christmas spirit all year round. Bright colourful tiles can make all the difference to a bathroom, Santa does like red, or so we are told, and red tiles can make a bathroom look amazing. A lick of paint can also make a huge difference and make your bathroom one that Santa will feel welcome in. Come and talk to us at Watford Bathrooms and Kitchens about your bathroom, bring some photos of your current bathroom and we can come up with some amazing colour schemes that will work wonders for you.

Let there be light this Christmas

Santa loves a bathroom with just enough light. It will be dark outside when he calls and that means you need to have the right lighting in your bathroom for him to feel at home. Having the right light for any bathroom is essential Home Depot has a host of ideas that will brighten up your bathroom. However, it is Christmas and having some candles in your bathroom will be a truly welcoming idea for Santa. Decorating your bathroom is something few people consider at Christmas, but if you want to make your Bathroom perfect for Santa this is the one thing he will expect. To add some ho ho ho to your bathroom add some Christmas lights and candles and turn your bathroom into something magical.

The smell of Christmas

Santa loves to smell great and in a bathroom,  he loves nothing more than the smell of Christmas. Adding some scent in your bathroom as well as some lovely bath time treats for bubbles and more is what Santa loves more than anything else. If you want the man in the red suit to use your bathroom this will be the one thing that makes him prefer your bathroom over any other.

Home Depot loves Christmas, and we know show to make your home feel like Christmas all year round in your two most important rooms. Visit Home Depot today and make your Bathroom feel like Christmas with ease!

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