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The best sustainable bathroom products

The best sustainable bathroom products

We need to take care of our planet and go green. That is the message we cannot ignore and Lowes has been helping us go green for many years.  When buying green products you can save money with a We Are Coupons Lowes money off coupon and save money while you also save the planet.  How can you go green in your bathroom?  Plastic the biggest threat to the environment and sustainable products are the in thing. Here are some amazing sustainable bathroom gadgets.

Bamboo Toilet Pater

Every home goes though countless tons of toilet paper every year.  Paper is made from trees and while trees are planted in exchange for the ones we cut down they take a long time to grow.  Bamboo grows exceptionally fast and can be farmed. This amazing crop has similar properties to wood and bamboo toilet paper is slowly but surely hitting the shelves. Super-sustainable, Bamboo is the way to go to save the planet according to many environmentalists.

Fully recycled razors

Schick has been at the forefront of razorblade design for decades.  There latest eco-glide razor blade is the first entry of new range of blades that will hopefully be the norm in a few years. The Schick eco-glide is made from fully recycled materials and the razorblade itself is also recycled.  Fairly new to the market and a little bit more expensive that conventionally made blades if you want to go green then the Schick eco-glide razor is a must have.

Shampoo Bars

Packaging is an ecologist’s nightmare and in 2021 we have more plastic packaging than ever before.  The way forward is to eliminate plastic packing and replace it with eco-friendly, biodegradable packaging.  Bit what if you could eliminate packaging all together?    Shampoo bars is the way to do this.  Shampoo bars are products like soap but are actually shampoo and conditioner.  No packaging is required, and many shampoo bars are vegan and super-eco-friendly. The way we shower and bath is changing!


Bamboo Cotton Swabs

Have you walked on beach lately?  If you have you will have noticed the hundreds of thousands of small plastic sticks that cover the sand.  These are your cotton swabs, the cheap made in China kind and they are one of the biggest pollutants on the  planet. By not using the plastic swabs and using bamboo biodegradable swabs instead you can make a big difference to the planet one swab at a time.


Think before you shop

Reducing plastic in the bathroom in something we all need to consider and we can all do so.  When you shop for bathroom items you need to think before you shop.  If there is an alternative to plastic it should be considered and it does not necessarily have to cost the earth.  Eco-friendly and green bathroom products are now more affordable than ever and a single purchase makes a huge difference.


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