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Late Summer Early Fall the best time to make your home look awesome

Late Summer Early Fall the best time to make your home look awesome

The long summer months are drawing to a close and stores such as Home Depot are beginning to display and promote fall related items. The experts at Home Deport know that fall is the time to take care of the exterior of your home before winter sets in. We are Coupons know how to help you save money on fall maintenance ideas at Home Depot when you shop online with a Home Depot Money Off Coupon.  So, where do you start with the exterior maintenance?

Your Lawn

After a warm dry summer and lots of outdoor activity, your lawn may be looking a little tired. Now is the time to reseed and water your lawn as well as fill in any holes that may have appeared. It is time to tend to your bushes and plants, where they need trimming then trim.  Give your garden a good once over so it can be ready to rest for a good winter and then blossom for summer next year. Home Depot has all the tools and materials you need.

Your Windows

Fall is the time to maintain your windows. Sure they will need a good clean but more importantly you need to check the frames for damage and repair them. Fall is also the best time to give your windows a fresh coat of paint and get your exterior looking amazing. Inside you might also want to check your blinds and curtains, the intense summer sun can cause considerable damage. Maintaining your windows is an essential task that can save you money in the future.

Your garage

During the summer your garage becomes the place that things are just dumped. From garden furniture to pool toys, you don’t really mind in summer as these items will be in and out every day. Late summer and early fall is the time to declutter and rearrange your garage to get things ready for winter when you need to be able to drive in quick from the cold without breaking stuff.

Exterior Walls

Now might be a good time to give your exterior walls a coat of paint or at least give them a good clean. This will get them ready to shelter you on those cold winters nights.

Your roof and gutters

When summer draws to a close there is no better time to climb up on your roof, clean the gutters and check out your roof for damage. This exercise will save you a lot money and hassle in the future, especially when winter storms set in.

Your Mailbox

The final late summer early fall task is to spruce up your mailbox or replace it. This small item can be easily forgotten about and surprisingly your mailbox says a lot about your house. A quick coat of paint or even a new mailbox gives your home a real smile and makes the neighborhood look even better.

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