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What Equipment Do You Need to Host a Summer Cocktail Party?

What Equipment Do You Need to Host a Summer Cocktail Party?

Lowes has all the equipment you need to make any party go with a bang this year. Using a Lowes Money Off Coupon from We Are Coupons, you can save money on everything and make your cocktail party one to remember. From a jigger and shaker to a charcuterie board and wine and beer bar, this list of equipment will make your summer cocktail party a hit. Plus, you'll find some great ideas to create an amazing ambiance, including personalized invitations. And don't forget to order some party favors! After all, everyone loves getting free stuff. But how do you choose the right summer cocktail party equipment?


jigger and shaker

The first thing you'll need to get is a jigger. This little stainless steel cup measures ingredients and doubles as a jigger. It is essential to get the measurements right or you'll end up with an unappetizing cocktail. Another item you'll need is a shaker. Shakers can come in all shapes and sizes but generally serve the same purpose - mixing and chilling drinks. Boston Shaker style shakers are the most common and easy to use. They have two different sizes and are perfect for mixing, chilling, and shaking.


Proper lighting is also essential. A properly lit party creates the right atmosphere. Dim lighting is romantic, exuding a glamorous and sophisticated feeling that guests will appreciate. You can use festoon lighting, fairy lights, or disco balls to set the mood. You should send out invitations at least two to three weeks in advance to get an idea of how many guests will show up. Then, plan for approximately fifty to seventy guests and prepare accordingly.


charcuterie board

While planning a charcuterie board for a summer cocktail party, you can start by choosing the theme of your event. You can choose foods that are all different colors or shapes and combine them. You can also use different sizes and shapes of board to showcase each variety. A rectangular or oval board will work well to display the board, and small bowls will allow you to use melted chocolate or other runaway foods.


The cheese and meat you choose should complement each other. If you have a large cheese board, consider placing the bulk of the fresh items on a separate platter or tray. For a small cheese board, you can place clusters of grapes, while a larger one can feature a whole tomato. In any case, you can choose a combination that complements the meat and cheese. Aside from the cheese and meat, you can also use pickles, olives, nuts, and jams.


Wine and beer bar

If you are planning a summer cocktail party, you need to consider the number of drinks your guests will consume. Most people will drink three glasses of beer during the first two hours and then one or two more after that. To serve your guests the most number of drinks, you should have two separate bars, one for wine and the other for nonalcoholic drinks. Make sure you stock plenty of ice and beer mugs. Also, you will need one bartender for the cleanup duties. One of them can remove empty glassware and discard the dishes, and the other can serve as a drink station. You can also hire a second bartender for the cleanup. A bartender can also measure the drinks by sight and is handy for measuring the quantities of alcoholic and nonalcoholic drinks.


When it comes to choosing beverages for a summer cocktail party, choose a beverage that is refreshing for your guests. For example, you can use lemonade or sparkling water to serve your guests, but you may also try an airstream trailer to serve beer. Another option is to have a seasonal cider bar where your guests can sip chilled cider while they snack on treats. You may also want to serve wine by the bottle if you are an aficionado of both.


Personalized invitations

Personalized invitations for a summer cocktail parties are the perfect way to announce the arrival of your party guests. A cocktail party can be anything from a casual get-together to an extravagant affair, and you can make these invitations unique by adding your own personal touch. Here are some of the top tips for creating a great invitation. Listed below are some of the most important features of personalized invitations for a summer cocktail party.


A great cocktail party invitation must contain the details of the host and event. This is similar to other invitation cards. A good invitation should also convey excitement and suggest the party theme. This will help create the desired buzz and get the guests to attend the party. There are plenty of options available for the invitation wording, from free party invitations to sophisticated invitation cards. With the right wording and design, you will be able to attract more guests to your cocktail party.

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