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Appliances that can go wrong in Summer

Appliances that can go wrong in Summer

Summer is here and things should be going swimmingly.  That’s the plan anyway.  But, as well all know it is not always so and Lowes knows that better than most.  Lowes has everything you need to run your home, maintain it and replace things when they need replacing. Furthermore, with a Lowes Money Off Coupon from We Are Coupons you can do all this for less.  There are, however, plenty of appliance that can go wrong in summer and here are a few that invariably go wrong or break down in summer.


The one thing every home relies on in summer is the refrigerator.  On a hot summer day a cold drink is welcome and you need to keep food fresh too.  But without due care this most prized appliance can soon break down.  So, how do you prevent your refrigerator from breaking down when you need it most?

Clean your condenser coils:  When you keep your condenser coils free from dust and dirt your fridge works more efficiently and is not under pressure.

Fewer Trips to the Fridge:  Opening the door of you fridge too often as it lets warm air in and requires the fridge to work harder to cool down and keep things cool.  Too many trips to the fridge can damage condenser coils.

No hot food in the fridge:  for similar reasons to the reason opening and closing the door hot food placed in a fridge forces it to work hard and can cause damage.

Reduce the settings: many of us have our fridges set as high as possible to make things as cold as possible. With modern appliances this is not necessary and by reducing the setting things get and stay cold while not placing pressure on the machine.

Air Conditioner

Another home appliance that gets used a lot in summer is your airconditioner unit. More and more homes are investing in air conditioning and in hotter summers these are being used more.  To avoid an aircon unit becoming overworked and subsequently breaking down alternatives are needed especially those that reduce humidity in the air. A superb way to prevent your aircon breaking down is to invest in a dehumidifier and let this do some of the work.

Washer Dryer

Laundry appliances strangely get heavily used in summer and very easily break down.  Regular maintenance of your laundry equipment will lead to better machine performance and far les breakdowns. Cleaning and removing lint from your dryer is an essential maintenance task and helps a dryer run efficiently using less energy. Reduced lint also stops a machine running too hot. Washing machines should not be overloaded and should ideally have an annual maintenance check looking at the plumbing and the mechanics that rotate any drums and paddles. Belts and other components may need replacing and a replacement is always cheaper than a repair.

These are just a few of the appliances that can wrong in summer.  In summary, now is the best time to service all your appliances and give them a once over to ensure you have a wonderful, hassle-free summer!


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