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February Home Maintenance

February Home Maintenance

Wow!  January just vanished and we are into month two of a new year.  With the COVID19 pandemic and a new President sorted out, it feels like we have been in 2021 forever, but it is February and your home needs looking after.  Home Depot has everything you need this February to keep your home in tip top condition. We Are Coupons have the best Home Depot Coupons to save you money on keeping your home maintained. So, let's get to it!

Fiery Furnace

Your Furnace has most likely been working double time this winter and whilst it is still cold outside it is time to check the filters. In many parts of the United States and Canada winter still has a long way to go and your furnace needs to run a little longer and just as hard for a while yet. A top February home maintenance task is to replace the filters on your furnace.

Blinds and Curtains

Your home has been especially busy over winter and it is guaranteed a lot of dust has accumulated. One area where more dust that you expect has piled up in behind your curtains and blinds. Having been closed to trap heat in blind and curtains have become dust traps. It is now time to get the vacuum cleaner out and clean those blinds and curtains. A nasty job but it needs to be done and February is the best time to do it.

Bathroom Caulking

It looks as tough as nails and seems permanent, but bathroom caulking is not. Caulking can crack, become discolored and loose and it needs replacing. If it is not replaced or repaired, you could soon have a bigger problem on your hands from water leakage and damage. Always remove old caulking and clean the surfaces thoroughly before applying new caulking. It is not a difficult task and done properly takes less than an hour to finish and an entire bathroom.

Ice, Ice and More Ice

February is a long way into winter but there is still a long way to go before the freezing temperatures rise. Now is the time to check the ice dams and icicles that may form around your roof. These can grow large enough to prevent gutters and drainage around the house to stop working and allow water to leak under the roof and cause no end of issues. Keeping an eye on your roof after snowstorms is essential and you may need to invest in a roof rake

Smoke and Gases

It is recommended that smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are tested monthly. Every room in the home should have a smoke alarm installed. These cost-effective devices can save lives and are very simple to install. Likewise, every home should install carbon monoxide detectors on every level in strategic places. Again, these affordable devices can save lives.

February is a relatively straightforward month for home maintenance but each of the tasks above helps keep your home in living condition.

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