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How to maintain or improve the value of your home with an annual home maintenance plan

How to maintain or improve the value of your home with an annual home maintenance plan

Failing to plan is planning to fail.  Every homeowner should know this, they should also know that using a We Are Coupons Home Depot Coupon is the best way to save money on home maintenance each year. However, planning is just about getting a job done and when it comes to your home it is also about maintaining or improving the value of your investment. By having an annual home maintenance plan your home, often your biggest investment, is well looked after and its value is also looked after.  Here are some simple steps to creating and implementing a home maintenance plan.

Get up close to your home

Most people think they know their home well. But do they?  The fist part of a home maintenance plan is to walk round your home and get up close to it. Investigate your property from the foundations to the top of the roof.  Make notes of everything, what is there, any electrical or water points, paint condition, brick or tile condition, each window and door.  Get into detail and really know your home. Note any immediate concerns, write down serial numbers and warranty details of any appliances and even look for wasted spaces that can be converted into something useful. Don’t forget the garden and the garage. Your house has a lot in it and about it, the more you know the better things will be. List all the maintenance tasks you can think of for each aspect of your house.

Prepare a list

Once you have investigated your property you need to write down all the tasks, room by room, area by area into a spreadsheet. Create weekly, monthly, annual and seasonal tasks.  The frequency of each task is essential for good  maintenance.  If you don’t know Google the answer or speak to an expert. Take note of what can be done by yourself or when you  need a contractor.

Down to business

Once you have a spreadsheet of home maintenance task you need to schedule them. The best way to do this is to put them into an App on your phone and diarise them with a reminder.  There are plenty of home maintenance Apps out there today such as Centriq, HomeZada and Microsoft To Do.  Many DIY related companies have their own planners, and these are well worth looking at.  Now you have your plan stored you are all set to begin your year of home maintenance – stick to it!

Save and File Old Receipts

A valuable part of a home maintenance plan is to store your receipts. Not only are these helpful for guarantees and budgeting for the next year of maintenance, but receipts also show any prospective buyers exactly what you have done to maintain the house and can even increase the selling value of your home.  A home maintenance plan is a really smart way to take care of your home and protect your investment

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