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How to Choose the Right Bicycles for your Family - Part 1

How to Choose the Right Bicycles for your Family - Part 1

Lowes has a superb selection of bicycles for the entire family. With a Lowes Money Saving Coupon from We Are Coupons you can save money on the right bikes for your family. Cycling is not only a fantastic way to stay active but also an enjoyable activity that the whole family can participate in. Whether you're embarking on leisurely rides around the neighborhood or planning exciting adventures on scenic trails, selecting the right bicycles for your family is crucial for comfort, safety, and overall enjoyment. This article aims to guide you through the process of choosing bicycles that are suitable for different family members, considering factors such as size, type, features, and budget. By following these tips, you'll be well-equipped to find the perfect bikes that will bring joy and togetherness to your family cycling experiences.


Determine the Bike Types

Before diving into the specifics, it's important to understand the different types of bicycles available. Here are a few common options to consider:

a) Cruiser Bikes: Ideal for casual rides on paved roads and flat terrains, cruiser bikes feature comfortable upright seating positions and wide tires for stability.


b) Mountain Bikes: Designed for off-road adventures, mountain bikes offer sturdy frames, knobby tires, and multiple gears to handle rough terrains and trails.


c) Hybrid Bikes: Offering a blend of road and mountain bike features, hybrid bikes are versatile options for various terrains, making them suitable for family rides on different surfaces.


d) Road Bikes: Geared towards speed and efficiency on paved surfaces, road bikes are lightweight and have thin tires, making them ideal for longer rides and fitness-oriented cycling.


e) Kids' Bikes: Tailored for younger riders, kids' bikes come in various sizes and styles, accommodating different age groups and skill levels.


Consider the Right Size

Ensuring the correct bike size is essential for comfort and safety. Consider the following guidelines:

a) Frame Size: The frame size determines the overall fit of the bike. Check manufacturer size charts or consult a bike shop to find the appropriate frame size based on the rider's height and inseam measurement.


b) Standover Height: For safety, ensure that there is ample clearance between the top tube of the bike frame and the rider's inseam when standing over the bike.


c) Adjustability: Opt for bikes with adjustable seat heights and handlebars to accommodate growth and provide a comfortable riding position for each family member.


d) Kids' Bikes: Consider bikes with removable training wheels for younger children, allowing them to develop balance and coordination before transitioning to two-wheelers.


Assess Safety Features

Safety should be a top priority when choosing bicycles for your family. Look for the following features:

a) Brakes: Ensure that the bikes have reliable braking systems. Rim brakes are commonly found on most bikes, while disc brakes offer stronger stopping power, particularly on mountain bikes.


b) Reflectors and Lights: Bicycles should be equipped with reflectors on the front, rear, pedals, and wheels for enhanced visibility. Consider adding lights, especially if riding in low-light conditions.


c) Fenders and Chainguards: These features help protect riders from dirt, debris, and grease, keeping them clean and safe during rides.


d) Helmets: Purchase helmets for each family member, ensuring a proper fit and compliance with safety standards. Safety should never be compromised, and helmets are a must for all riders.

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