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How to buy a tent - Part 2

How to buy a tent - Part 2

In this second part of a two part article about how to buy a tent we carry on where we left off. Camping is a popular pastime and way of vacationing in the United States. Having the right tent matters and for most people, Home Depot will have much of the camping equipment you need. With a Home Depot Money Off Coupon you can save money on all the camping items at Home Depot.

If you are an ultralight backpacker or climber who wants to save weight, you should buy a tent for a capacity equal to the number of people in your group. A good rule of thumb when camping is to buy tents that are more suitable for one or two people than you need to sleep. Multi-room structures for six or more people will likely outweigh smaller backpack tents built for two outdoorsmen.

If you're traveling with a group, consider a heavier, more robust tent so you can share equipment with others and spread the weight evenly. A heavy tent can make a real difference to the overall weight of your backpack, and if you pack it wet, your backpack will be heavier. If your tent is one of the heaviest items you will be carrying, a few pounds reduction could make a big difference.

Tents throw caution when it comes to weight, often weighing 4-6 pounds or more, with the largest family tents up to 20 pounds. Larger tents designed for autocamping tend to be more expensive due to the higher package weight. Weight also plays a role in backpack models and single- and two-person tents.

It is important to keep your weight down when backpacking and choosing the right tent is a great way to lighten the load. Due to the size of the backpacking tents, they are not the best option for large groups. Larger tents are available, but if you are looking for a tent suitable for a family of eight, it will probably be a tent for car camping.

If you are camping in hot weather, a tarpaulin can be mounted over the tent if you are worried about rain and do not want the extra insulation of a fly. If you want to camp in cool weather, look for a tent with fixed sides and a net canopy. If you carry a tent on your back, you buy a backpack-specific model made of lightweight materials.

There is no standard tent capacity in the industry, but capacity generally means the number of sleeping bags that can be placed in a few centimetres of space in the tent. For backpacking partners, it is better to have a two-door tent so that you have your own anteroom for your gear and do not have to go in and out at night when nature calls. Indoor tents use mosquito nets or nets to achieve this, while a fly tent has a hood opening that can be opened and closed

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