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How to make any room brighter

How to make any room brighter

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Brighter Homes

Dull, dark homes are not happy places to live. Even the dankest of spaces can be made to look and feel brighter if you know how. Adding brightness to the home is straightforward and need not cost a lot of money.  Here are five ways to make your home brighter in a flash.

Use Light Right

The first place to start when making your home brighter is with your lighting. The more light you can have in your home the better.  Hanging the right lights in the right place makes all the difference. A central light needs to be hung as high up as possible to create a more natural feel. Recessed lighting or hidden lighting is fantastic  and modern LED lighting gives your unlimited options.

Let Natural Light Flow

Sure, there are times when you need darkness, bedrooms at night for example, but natural light is the best light. Minimizing your window shades and coverings to let light in from the outside brightens any home instantly. More lightweight coverings and removal of heavy curtains in spring and summer allow nature’s own light to flood a room and the feeling is amazing.

Make the Indoors Outdoors

If you have a garden, yard or patio allow your home to flow from the inside to the outside. In spring and summer make the most of your outdoor space and make a place to live, love and enjoy.  By allowing and overflow of your indoors onto and into your outdoor space gives an impression of extended space and allows the freshness and brightness of nature to lift up your home. 

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Space or a lack of space can make a room seem dark and dull. Few of us the capacity to knock down walls and make rooms bigger so we need an alternative. The solution is to use mirrors. Mirrors create the illusion of more space and bigger rooms. Where natural light is allowed in to a room, a well-positioned mirror can increase the amount of light filling a room making it feel lighter and brighter instantly.

Let your furniture talk

Dark woods and surfaces look amazing and luxurious, but they are dark and soak up light making a space darker.  You don’t need to go out and by new furniture made from lighter materials to brighten your room, you simply need to dress up your furniture and make it talk. Light and bright colored coverings, cushions and table cloths elevate furniture and bring joy to a once dark space. This simple method of making you home brighter is extremely effective and will cost you very little or even  nothing at all.

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