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All About Forks

All About Forks

The fork is something at the dinner table we don’t give a second glance to.  Did you know there are at least 35 types of forks?  Each fork has different purpose and each is very slightly different.  Home Depot has a massive selection of cutlery and forks and with a Home Depot Money Off Coupon from We Are Coupons you can save money on all them. Here are a few different types of fork you may be interested in.

Number of Prongs

All forks have either two, three or four prongs.  Two prong forks, writes Bill Bryson, fell away from general eating because growing numbers of people were impaling and stabbing themselves while eating. Because of this forks for eating developed with some manufacturers producing examples with six prongs. Today three and four prongs are the norm with a handful of forks having just two prongs.

Table Fork

The humble Table Fork is common in every house and home.  Differing in size, weight and design the forks are essentially all the same. Many homes have a day to day set of forks with a set in reserve for special occasions. Quality stands out and stainless steel forks with certain degree of weight are preferred, some say that a heavier fork makes food taste better.

Toasting Fork

A classic fork primarily used to hold meat or food over an open flame to cook. Long handles with a wooden handle to avoid being burnt as the steel prongs and handle get hot.  The fork allows you to turn meat in a tray without getting too close to the source of heat or simply when taken out of the oven. 

Fruit Forks

For those who want to eat fruit with the perfect level of etiquette a fruit fork is essential. Today these smart forks are overlooked and replaced with conventional table forks. However, if using a fruit fork to eat grapes or berries the ease of use compared to a standard table is immediately noticed.

Oyster Fork

Not that you eat oysters every day (maybe you do)  but when you do you want to eat them properly. An Oyster fork makes eating the aphrodisiac shellfish a pleasure. Also perfect for eating other shellfish and a classy piece of cutlery to add to any dining table when seeking to impress.

Dessert Forks

You guessed it, you eat dessert with these forks.  They are considered the perfect size with which to consume sweet delicacies.  These small forks are another smart addition to any table setting and make eating dessert easy and far less messy.  Strangely some say that dessert tastes better when eaten with the correct spoon.

Carving Fork

When you have cooked the perfect roast you need to carve it. Carving requires the use of a sharp knife and a strong, long-pronged fork and a carving fork is the fork to use. A carving fork makes carving meat easy and ensures your safety when carving. 

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