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How often should you replace kitchen appliances?

How often should you replace kitchen appliances?

Lowes stocks the widest range of appliances from Kettles to refrigerators. With a We Are Coupons Lowes Money Off Coupon you can save money on them all.  One question many people ask is “How often should you replace kitchen appliances?”

Appliances Last Longer Than You Think

No machine lasts forever but home appliances do last longer than most people imagine. Many machines come with a 12 month or longer warranty. This does not mean this is how long the machine will last. With good care, servicing and maintenance, that may include a few inexpensive parts, many appliances can last 8 to 9 years and still work perfectly. As long as your machine is working there is no need to replace it.

When to replace your appliances

There are primarily only two occasions when you need to replace an appliance.  The first is if the appliance just doesn’t work and a repair is just too costly. The second is when you are remodelling your kitchen.  Both of these are obvious reasons and even in a kitchen remodel some people hold on to their appliances as faithful friends.  There are many people with appliances well over 20 years old things work perfectly.

Repair or Replace

In to9day’s world everything, it seems, is disposable. While many people are in the habit of throwing things that do not work, this is not such a good habit with appliances.  It is nearly always worthwhile having something repaired rather than replace it, especially if the item in under warranty guarantee. Repairs can often save a small fortune.

Times Change

While a new appliance always looks nice it is worthwhile considering the changes in technology. Newer machines are often more energy efficient, using less water and less electricity. Some simply do the job better, dishwashers, vacuum cleaners and refrigerators. However, just because something is newer it does not always mean it is better. Large appliances are still built to last, especially if you purchase a reputable brand. It is also worthwhile taking out extended warranties and service plans. In the long run these smaller extra costs save you a lot of money and hassle.

Smaller Appliances

Large appliances last a long time, but small appliances tend to last a short time.  Hairdryers, kettles and toasters, especially cheaper models, tend to last only a couple of years.  Kettles become very dirty and after a few years should be replaced with a new one. Hairdryers become less effective and it soon becomes noticeable that the item needs to be renewed. With small appliances better quality items tend to last longer and yet this is no guarantee that they will last forever.

The best way to get the most out of your appliances is to look after them. When your appliances do eventually need to be replaced you will certainly know, and you can begin your hunt for a replacement.

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