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Converting to an Electric Fireplace - Part 1

Converting to an Electric Fireplace - Part 1

Lowes has been helping people make houses homes for many years.  Conversions have bene part of modernising homes for generations and Lowes has been at the forefront of many changes over the years. Helping you make changes in your home a Lowes Money Off Coupon from We Are Coupons will see you save money. One such change you may be considering is changing a conventional fireplace for an electric fireplace.  But what, if any are the benefits of doing this? In this two part article we will take a closer look.

A Cozy Fire

Sitting around a cozy fire on a chilly night sounds idyllic, but for many homeowners the scenario is anything but. Instead, it involves having to carry in firewood, light the fire, keep it stoked and make sure it's completely out before going to bed. Even gas units bring some stress due to carbon monoxide dangers or the cost of keeping them running. Fortunately there is a safe, easy and efficient solution to using an existing fireplace: transforming it to an electric unit.

An electric fireplace insert is an easy way to transform an existing fireplace into one that the family can use and enjoy the warmth and ambiance anytime without any inconvenience.


Safety  First


Wood-burning versions come with a bevy of safety hazards. Errant embers can easily ignite carpet and furniture causing a disastrous house fire. Blocked chimneys can also cause a fire danger. And last but not least, smoke from a blocked chimney or closed flue can quickly build up inside a home and cause respiratory problems to the house's inhabitants, often with deadly consequences.

Gas Fireplaces

Gas fireplaces also present safety concerns. The fittings need to be installed correctly by experts and continually looked after to make sure the fittings are secure and not leaking. Gas and wood burning units should never be left unattended because if a malfunction does occur, carbon monoxide or fire can quickly spread throughout the house. And in the case of carbon monoxide, it's an odorless poisonous gas that most people aren't aware of unless a carbon monoxide detector is installed nearby. Both wood burning and gas units are combustible, meaning that they produce a real flame requiring safety barriers and heatproof materials.

Flame Technology

All of these safety hazards are non-existent by transforming to an electric model. Electric fireplaces fan forced heaters allow the unit to stay cool-to-the-touch so they are safe for pets and children to be around. Since there is no combustion, they don't present a danger of fumes or gas being released. And since the realistic flame technology is not actual fire, there's no danger of a fire igniting from errant embers.

No More Allergies

While many people enjoy the aroma and heat of burning wood, individuals with allergies oftentimes experience-breathing difficulties when they are around it. With an electric fireplace insert, they can experience the heat and ambiance of a fire without suffering a potential allergic reaction.

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