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5 Things to Consider when choosing a fireplace

5 Things to Consider when choosing a fireplace

Winter is upon us and over the road, you can see your neighbor enjoy his fireplace. You begin to wish you had a fireplace too.  Home Depot has a selection of fireplaces and is a good place to get a few ideas about your own. We Are Coupons can save you money on a host of items at Home Depot with the best Home Depot Coupons available. But what should you be thinking about when choosing a new fireplace?

Where do you want your fireplace installed?

This is not quite as simple as it may seem. Looking at your wall as you lounge of the couch and dream you can see where you would like your fireplace to go but it may be far from suitable. If you are replacing an existing fireplace it may work but if you are starting from scratch there is a lot consider. A wood or solid fuel stove may be better than a conventional fireplace. The Chimney and flue is an important consideration.


Fireplaces are not just about knocking a hole in the wall and the roof and setting fire to some wood. Depending on the size of the fireplace and whether it is a replacement or new fireplace costs can creep up. It is very easy to spend upwards of $5000 on a fireplace. There are many less expensive options to choose from and these may be worth considering.

The purpose of your fireplace

People want a fireplace for a variety of reasons. Knowing what you want your fireplace for is important and will help you make the right choice. In warmer states, people often choose a fireplace for its looks but others need it to heat a home while some need both and more. Do you really need a real fire? There are many superb gas and electric alternatives today that work equally well. There are many choices and considerations to review.

How far must the heat reach?

This sounds like a silly question at first, but the reach of the heat of the fire is important. Depending on whether you need to heat a small room or the entire ground floor of an open plan house you will need to think carefully. The best looking fireplace may not necessarily give off the most or ideal heat, you could end up with a fireplace that heats a space too much or one that heats too little meaning alternative heat sources are used.

Fuel for your fire

The fuel for your fire is important to understand. Some areas do not permit smoke and others because they are dry do not allow you to have a fire at all. What fuel is accessible and how much does it cost all make a difference. A log fire is a dream for most people but if there is a not an abundant supply of affordable wood then it is pointless. Coal may or may not be readily available. If you home will be the only one with a fireplace find out why.

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