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Appliances that make great Christmas Gifts - Part 1

Appliances that make great Christmas Gifts - Part 1

They say you should never give an appliance as a gift.  However, when you shop at Lowes with a Lowes Money Off Coupon from We Are Coupons you may well change your mind.  Lowes is well known for its amazing selection of home appliances at low prices and every year the range gets better. There is nothing wrong with giving an appliance as a gift for Christmas, maybe not a vacuum cleaner or a iron, and when that someone is someone who loves to cook or is just starting out in a new home appliances are a great idea. So, this two part article gives you some ideas for some great appliances to give as gifts this year.

An Air Fryer

An airfryer is an amazing time saving cooking appliance that no kitchen should be without.  A simple device that can cook everything and anything from chicken and chicken nuggets through cakes and even cookies!  In recent years manufacturers have perfected their appliances and a kitchen  without an airfryer is now like a home without lights. An airfryer Is far healthier than a conventional deep fat fryer and yetm, using only a fraction of the oil used in conventional fryer, delivers amazing tasty food. You will see a big smile on a persons face when  you give an airfryer as gift this Christmas.

A designer microwave oven

There are microwave ovens and then there are microwave ovens. As stand alone appliances the microwave oven tends to stand out like a sore thumb, it doesn’t look especially aesthetically appealing and in open plan kitchens this is even more so. So, why not buy a loved one a designer microwave oven. Available from a number of manufacturers and in a variety of retro styles and of course in  many colors a microwave oven suddenly, and surprisingly makes a wonderful wowing gift.

A Top Quality Coffee Maker

Nothing beats a good cup off coffee and to make a great cup of coffee you need a good coffee machine. Coffee machines have been around for decades and over the years have become more advanced. For the coffee lover or connoisseur in your life a top quality, professional coffee maker will be a wonderful gift.  Many machines that exceed even the machines in well-known coffee shops come with a range of features enabling you to make the perfect cup of coffee for any occasion or just waking up for breakfast.

A Nutri-Bullet

Becoming known by the brand name Nutri-bullet and its contemporaries have become the must have health food appliance of the kitchen.  These amazing appliances make excellent gifts for anyone who leads, wants to start leading, a healthy or healthier lifestyle.  Perfect for an on-the-go smoothie or meal in a glass,  a nutri-bullet will be a very welcome Christmas gift this year.

In part two of this article we will look at a handful more appliances that make amazing gifts for Christmas that will put a smile on the face of anyone you love or care about

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