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Dirty JHobs to do Between Christmas and New Year

Dirty JHobs to do Between Christmas and New Year

Home Depot was perhaps the place you shopped for some Christmas gifts this year. Those who were smart used a Home Depot Money Off Coupon from We Are Coupons and saved money on their purchases. Now all the gifts have been opened and we are in that limbo period between Christmas and New Year you want something to do.  This time is right to do some of those things you have been putting off for a while and you have no excuses this time!

Change Your HVAC Filter

This is a task you know you need to do but you procrastinate and find reasons not to all the time. Changing your HVAC filter is a dirty job that is easy to do and does not need any real DIY expertise.  By changing your HVAC filter you will literally be breathing better in the New Year and feel so much better for it.

Drain Your Water Heater

Another task you know you have to do at least once a year but always find and excuse not to is draining your water heater. Sediment and filth build up inside your water heater slowly making it less and less efficient.  When you drain your water heater and if you haven’t done so in a while you will be grossed out by what comes out. All the gunk is what your water is passing through and even carrying through in some cases and it is gross to say the least. Once you do this once you will never forget to do this very easy task more than once a year ever again.

Clean your Refrigerator Coils

Your refrigerator has been working hard all year round, maybe for more than a year.  During this time your fridge has gotten hot and the coils at the back have picked up dirt and dust.  Pulling your fridge out is a nuisance and despite the fact that you know you need to clean it at least once a year you don’t. Now is the time you need to and once you will stunned at how much dirt there is. A simple brush and vacuum out will clean it fast and your refrigerator will be working like new, keeping things cooler using less energy and you will be happy!

Clean your Oven

This is a nasty task few of us enjoy. Some of us are lucky enough to have self-cleaning ovens but those who don’t, and that is the majority, have to get down and dirty and clean the oven manually. It is a filthy task that is surprisingly easy with modern chemicals. You will be blown away at how filthy your oven is but once you have done this ugly task you will feel very satisfied knowing you are cooking in a clean, more efficient oven.

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