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Super Spoons you never knew you needed

Super Spoons you never knew you needed

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Every home has spoons, some have simply too many spoons, they do seem to pile up over the years.  Despite this,  there are only 5 spoons you really MUST have in you kitchen. These five must have spoons are:

Wooden Spoon

Perhaps the most overrated or even underrated spoon out there a wooden spoon is essential in your kitchen. You can stir and mix with a plastic spoon or a metal spoon but it is not the same. A wooden spoon, or a couple of wooden spoons will soon become your go to spoons for baking and mixing everything. Such a basic and simple spoon a kitchen is not a kitchen without one. 

Kunz Spoon

A what?  A Kunz spoon is an oversized (2.5 tablespoons) shallow spoon with a perfect edge at the rip.  Designed by the late Gray Kunz in the 1990s it was created for those who worked in his kitchen. Perfect for flipping, stirring, tasting and the master of drizzling the Kunz spoon a spoon you never knew you needed until you get one. This spoon will become the most versatile and well used spoon in your kitchen.


Another strange name and strange spoon you never knew you needed. Generally made of silicon or plastic a spoonula is half spoon half spatula. A spoonula is perfect when a wooden spoon is not flexible enough and a spatula is just too flat. Once you get a spoonula in your kitchen you will soon find a thousand time and effort saving uses for this remarkable invention.

Tiny Spoon

Spoons are used for everything and anything in the kitchen but some tasks require a spoon so small that nothing else will do. Even a tea spoon is too big for some tasks such as getting stuff out of teeny, tiny jars.  This is where the Alice in Wonderland shrunken tiny spoons are a dream. With a handful of tiny spoons in your kitchen never again will you be frustrated when the jar is just too small for a small spoon.

Spider Spoon

Most homes and kitchens have a slotted spoon but as an essential you need to get your hands on a spider spoon. Whether it is technically a spoon or not the jury is still out but a spider spoon will soon sit by your stove top every time you cook. Perfect for scooping things out and draining liquid and terrific for boiled eggs. Superbly designed a spider spoon makes cooking with hot water a little more safe too!


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