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Make New Year's Eve Awesome

Make New Year's Eve Awesome

New Years Eve has arrived as if overnight. It only felt like yesterday that last year ended and this year started. Time flies and you are now trying to find fun ways to celebrate the New Year.  Home Depot has plenty of materials to help you put a few things together to make celebrating the New Year fun. With a Home Depot Money Off Coupon from We Are Coupons you can save money on most of these things too.  So, how can you have some more fun and be a little different when seeing in the New Year this year?

Build a Disco Wall

Why must the walls of your home be just walls?  With the help of some silver and gold décor, giant tinsel, some glitter and a few metallic balloons you can create a disco wall and turn an ordinary room into a wonderland. This is a really easy DIY project that is perfect to make your home the only place you want to celebrate the New Year this year!

Make some Noisemakers

Anyone can go out and buy some noisemakers. We all like to go a little wild and make some noise when the old year leaves and New Year arrives.  With some help from your local hardware store you and your family can make some amazing noisemakers that make noise (duh!) and look amazing. This will be a fun way to keep kids busy in the lead up to New Years eve.

Make a Countdown Wall

A great idea for some social media pics that will amaze your friends, be heaps of fun and be totally different. With some materials from your local hardware store you can make a human  clock, come clock hands, a few giant numbers and a decorated wall. Have your friends make the time with the giant hands, let them be the clock and countdown the minutes to midnight and post pics of them on your favorite social media platform. This is both cool and fun and suitable for all ages!

Decorate Your Drinks

Drinks of any kind do not have to be boring on New Years Eve, in fact boring drinks should be banned. With some arts and crafts materials from Home Depot you make plain and simple glasses something amazing. Sparkles, tinsel, glitter and more can liven up your glasses, cups and even coffee mugs and make them all super-festive!

Make a Balloon Wall

Your walls can make your home the place everyone wants to be for New Year’s Eve. One of the best and easiest ideas to make your home the best place you party in New Year’s Eve is a New Year Balloon wall.  Simply get some numbered balloons to make this year and last year, and make them the feature of a decorated wall and have your guests pose for pics for social media in front of your amazing wall.


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