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Looking Back on the Positives of 2020

Looking Back on the Positives of 2020

The Coronavirus Pandemic turned 2020 into a tough year for nearly everyone. We were locked up, locked down, sick, worried, concerned, financially challenged and many of us lost loved ones. In many ways, it was not a positive year.  But at We Are Coupons, the providers of the best Home Depot Coupons and Lowes Coupons we thought it was good to pause and look back on some of the positives the past 12 months.

The New York Times asked 1,500 people to find the positives from 2020 and here are some of the answers:

The Strength to Carry On

One responder explained that we all found a degree of resilience, that hidden strength to carry on and overcome. While the world economy was in chaos and the struggle to find a vaccine, let alone a cure, was of paramount importance life still carried on. Babies were born, birthdays were celebrated, people got married and we even celebrated Thanksgiving and Christmas. The fact you are reading this means you survived 2020 and you are a strong, living, breathing human being living for the day despite what is happening around you.

Working From Home

Another response was something that many people have always wanted to do but their employer would not or could not let them. Working from home has for many become a positive thing. No more rush, rush, rush to get ready to hit the rush hour, no more frantic breakfasts downing coffee as you kiss the barely awake kids goodbye. Working from home has created a strange and very happy freedom and has seen many people become far more productive.  While few of us like change working from home is a change many of us truly appreciate.

Changed and Improved Relationships

The Pandemic changed many things and one thing that has become apparent is that relationships, in most cases, have improved. Husbands and wives have become closer as they have been able to spend more time together thanks to work from home or even losing their job. Fathers that travelled almost not stop just to pay the bills had their wings clipped and families saw dad once again. People talked to each other, shared things together and started to appreciate the fact that relationships are important. People focused on people, perhaps because the pandemic opened their eyes to how delicate and short life really is.

The Power of Yes in a world of No

Perhaps the most positive thing that happened in 2020 was that the phrase “no you can’t”  was changed to “Yes you can” by so many people. The true extent of the pandemic cannot be denied and the rules and protocols established for our own health and safety cannot be ignored, but humans are innovative. Shopping was “Can’t go to the shop”  so in 2020 the shop came to us, Home Depot saw growth in online and click and collect shopping, many using Home Depot Coupons to save money. We were told would/could not socialize, Zoom and other platforms changed the “You can’t” to “Yes! I can” giving access to technology to everyone and establishing new ways to communicate.

Overall, 2020 had many positives born out the adversity of a deadly pandemic. We can all choose happiness, it is a choice we can all make and indeed must make. In some ways, nations have come together and reports clearly show more people have started praying again. For us all, faith and hope are all we need, 2020 taught us that and from We Are Coupons to every reader that is what we share with you  - Romans 15:13 “May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.”

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