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The things you need to get rid of in your Kitchen

The things you need to get rid of in your Kitchen

Lowes love helping Americans make the most of their kitchens and have been doing so for many years.  Whatever you want for your kitchen Lowes is the place to go. With a Lowes Money Off Coupon from We Are Coupons you can save money too. But there are some things that should never be in your kitchen and we know 5 of them…

Stinky Sponges

We all have them and for some reason we just don’t throw them  out.  Kitchen sponges used to wash and wipe everything become filthy, smelly and full of germs in no time. We know we should throw  them away, we know they are unhygienic and yet they sit beside the kitchen sink.  Filthy kitchen sponges need to be kept out of your kitchen at all times.

Blunt Knives

The most dangerous thing in a kitchen is a blunt knife. Go into any domestic kitchen and you will find at least one dull knife, in most kitchens there are many dull knives.  Some knives sharpen well and if these are blunt or dull sharpen them. Sadly, cheap blades don’t sharpen that well and need replacing, so replace them. Lowes have a superb range of top quality knives that will ensure you never have dull knives again.

Unused Appliances

Kitchens become cluttered very quickly and countertop space is always at a premium.  Have a look at the appliances on your countertop and ask yourself if you are using them. Many of us buy appliances in a whim, use them once and that is it.  What are you doing with these appliances?  If a professional chef saw your kitchen full of appliances not being use he or she would tell you to remove them. So, remove them and free up that much needed space.

Peeling Non-Stick Pans

Non-stick pans soon peel and yet we keep them even when they are no longer close to non-stick. Peeling non-stick pans are something no kitchen should have and when your pans begin to peel they need replacing. May consider some top quality stainless steel pans from Lowes that will never peel.  Have a look at your pans today, are they peeling?

Dull Can Openers

The final thing no kitchen should have is a dull can opener. A dull can opener is the most frustrating item in any kitchen and yet we all keep them and struggle to open any can in the house. We keep trying to use the dull can opener swearing blind it works fine when in all honesty we know it doesn’t. Replace the thing,  invest in a quality can opener and stop struggling.

Keeping your kitchen free from the things you don’t need will make your kitchen a happier place and filling it with only what you do need will make it happier still!

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