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Things to throw out of your bathroom

Things to throw out of your bathroom

Lowes has everything you need to make your bathroom special. Whether your bathroom is a functional and highly practical space or a haven of trenquility, whether it is a family bathoroom or small en-suite there some things you need and some you don’t.  With a Lowes Money Saving Coupon from We Are Coupons you can save money on making your bathroom special and better.  But, what are some things you do not want in your bathroom that you must get rid of as soon as possible.

Junk and Clutter

Like all other rooms in your home, your bathroom can become a haven for clutter and junk.  The first thing you need to get rid of in your bathroom is the junk and clutter you have allowed to accumulate. A simple declutter will make your bathroom feel like a  new bathroom.

The stuff you never use

Other things you need to remove from your bathroom to make your bathroom a better space are those things you never use. Generally, bathrooms are not huge spaces and while cutter builds up we also place things in our bathrooms that we never use. If something is in your bathroom and you haven’t used it in a year why is it there?  It is a simple question to ask and can often free up masses of space.

Dirty Laundry

Bathrooms have a habit of becoming the storeroom for all your dirty laundry. You have a laundry room, or at the very  least a laundry basket and yet everything migrates towards your bathroom. Somehow we all work around it and never seem to clear it when picking it up and putting it in the right place is all too easy. Make your bathroom better and clear your dirty laundry today.

Out of Date Products

Yes, we all have them and there are very few bathrooms without them,: Out of date products.  Everything from shampoo and shower gel to toothpaste with the taste you don’t like and even medicines that are out of date end up living in the bathroom.  There are countless reasons to remove all the out of date and expired items from your bathroom so why have you not done so?

Excess Packaging

Space is at a premium in any bathroom and you know it.  So many products come in so much packaging that we end up filling our bathrooms with it.  In many cases, removing the packaging can free up space that we never knew existed.  Sometimes we store an item in its packaging because the packaging looks amazing but this simply bulks up the product and reduces space.  Remove all excess packaging and release the space you crave in your bathroom.

Makeup and jewellery

Why people store their make-up and jewellery in their bathroom doesn’t make sense.  For these items, you only need a mirror and the moisture and damp air in the bathroom can damage them. Clear out your makeup, jewellery and hair accessories and you will be amazed at how much space you create and you will also be taking better care of the items you remove.

These are just some of the things you can throw out of your bathroom today and make a bit more space.

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