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How to Choose the Best Dryer for Your Laundry Room

How to Choose the Best Dryer for Your Laundry Room

Lowes has all the appliances you can imagine and when it comes to choosing a dryer you can save money with a Lowes Money Off Coupon from We Are Coupons.  Burt how do you choose the best dryer for your laundry room? First, you'll need to measure the space available in your laundry room. If you're planning on adding a family, you may want to purchase a larger dryer than you currently have. Measure the dimensions of your laundry room and add three inches to each side to allow for wiring, pipes, and heat clearance. The average full-size dryer is less than 30 inches wide, 25 to 35 inches deep, and forty-five to fifty inches tall.


Energy-efficient dryers

While you can buy an energy-efficient washing machine, dryers are still not as efficient as their older counterparts. You can, however, lower your costs by choosing a newer model with more energy-saving features. You can also purchase front-loading machines to reduce water usage. And while front-loading machines are generally more energy-efficient than top-loading ones, you should also check out the water consumption.


Stackable dryers

Stackable dryers are an excellent choice for the laundry room. These units are compatible with most washing machines, and can be stacked for convenient access. A stackable dryer is not permanent and can be unstacked whenever necessary. Most of these dryers have a stacking kit to secure them to each other. The Maytag brand makes this kit available as a factory-certified accessory. It offers durability and ease of use in its design.


Eco Cycle dryers

There are a variety of features available with the latest Eco Cycle dryers. Some offer more capacity than others, while others feature a detangling feature. The capacity of a dryer will vary, so you should shop around to find the right one for your laundry room. A king-size comforter, for example, requires around 4 cubic feet of space, so look for that amount.


Express Dry dryers

When choosing a dryer for your laundry room, consider how you want the unit to look. Many people prefer front-loading machines, but you can also choose a top-loading machine if you prefer to load your clothing from the back. Top-loading units are usually placed side-by-side with your washer, making it easier to transfer damp clothing from the machine to your sink or tub.


Stackable dryers with a sanitation cycle

Stackable dryers are a great way to maximize the space in your laundry room and save money at the same time. Choose one with the same wash cycle settings and the same capacity as your washer and dryer. Gas dryers have lower running costs and are gentler on clothes. Some models have smart technology, which allows you to customize the temperature for each wash cycle. This feature is especially helpful when it comes to laundry rooms with small spaces.


Electric dryers

The LG electric dryer offers a sleek appearance, intelligent electronic controls and a dial for setting the desired time and temperature. It also features a remaining time display and a status indicator. If you're thinking about purchasing a gas dryer, you may want to consider a couple of pros and cons. Electric dryers generally use electricity and must be connected to a heavy-duty outlet in your laundry room. You'll also need to have specially designated breakers in your home's electrical box. Electric dryers also require venting to the outside, so they may be more expensive to purchase than gas models.


Gas clothes dryers

Electric clothes dryers can be purchased for much less than gas clothes dryers. While they are more expensive to buy, they are also more expensive to operate, particularly with electricity rates soaring above 70 cents per kilowatt-hour. Plus, the time needed for drying a load of clothes is significantly longer with an electric dryer. Compared to gas dryers, an electric dryer will also require frequent cleaning of its lint filter and venting tube, which should be done twice or three times a year. Metal ducts will prevent lint buildup and offer better air flow.

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