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How to Choose a Wall Clock

How to Choose a Wall Clock

So, daylight savings has kicked in and you may have looked at your clock and thought it needs replacing.  Lowes have a superb selection of wall clocks and with a Lowes Discount Coupon from We Are Coupons you can save money on your new clock.  But what should you consider when purchasing a wall clock?  Here are 5 Things to Consider when choosing a wall clock

Clock Purpose

Of course, your wall clock will be used to tell the time, but it is more than that.  You need to decide whether your clock should simply blend in with your home and just be there. Alternatively, your clock may need to be a focal point or feature that stands out.  The choice is yours and when you begin to look at clocks you will soon understand this. 

What is the clock made of?

Clocks are made from a never-ending array of materials and today you are spoilt for choice.  Every material imaginable, plastic, wood, metal, stone and so much more can create a clock that is unique from the sublime to the ridiculous. Your choice of material will be determined by what is already in your home or the room the clock will be in. Choosing a clock made in the right material will make a massive difference and again you will begin to see this when you start shopping for a new wall clock. The material you choose will also affect the price of the clock.

Unique or Conventional

There are quite literally thousands of clocks to choose from and this is a problem. A new walk clock can become a décor item that makes your house a home. You can opt for a conventional clock, even this has a myriad of variances, that will make your home functional just like every other home. Alternatively, you can opt for something more unique; a clock with personality. The choice is entirely up to you but, again, choosing the right clock is important.

Tick Tock or No Tick Tock

The sound of a clock means a lot to many of us and this sound is important when choosing a new wall clock. Some clocks are absolutely silent but for many this feels wrong.  The sound your clock makes, and its volume is important. It depends on where the clock is being used. If you are placing the clock in a bedroom the noise may keep you awake, in a kitchen sound is not important but in a living room, it may give an atmosphere. Think about the noise of a clock and ask if it will work in your home.

Clock Position

Before you even go shopping for a clock you need to appreciate where it will be placed. The place and position of the clock make a big difference in the clock you choose. You may even need to consider the humidity of the room; damp rooms can make clocks stop. How much space you have matters too and even the amount of daylight on a clock; could the sun reflect and make it unreadable?

Choosing your new clock is important and by using the above advice choosing the perfect clock is now easier.


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