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How to paint a door

How to paint a door

Every house has a door or two and from time to time they need repainting. Lowes has all the tools and all the paint you need to do this simple job professionally and with a We Are Coupons Lowes Printable Coupon you can save money too.  So, just how do you paint a door.

What you will need:

  •         Screwdriver
  •         Medium-grit sanding sponge – or electric sander
  •         Tack cloth
  •         Drop cloth
  •         Paintbrush
  •         4-inch paint roller
  •         Paint Stripper
  •         Paint
  •         Painters tape, as needed

First Steps

Firstly, remove the hanging door and all the hardware, handles, lock etc. Some people keep the hardware on believing they can paint around it but removing it all and replacing once done is far easier and leaves a much better finish.

Prepare the door

If the door is a new door you will still need to prepare the door, it makes sense to do this.  If the door has paint on it, you may be able to sand down to the wood but if the door has heavy gloss pain you may need to use paint stripper. When  using paint stripper make sure you read the instructions and take the proper safety precautions.  Sand the door to a smooth finish and once done wipe down this a tack cloth. Now you are ready to paint.

Painting the edges

Paint the edges first. Using a thin small brush paint from the bottom corner up, ideally with the door laying flat on a covered table or work surface. Make sure you cover the floor too with a sheet or paper. Don’t use too much paint on the brush and this leaving clear drip marks and above all, take your time.

Painting the panel

There are two side to a door, and you will have to wait for the first side to dry before turning the door over. Paint using a roller and leave a small gap at the edges. Take your time and don’t use too much paint. Once the bulk of the panel is painted, paint the edges with a brush to finish off. Let the paint dry and paint the other side. You may need more than one coat of paint. With a panelled door you need to paint each panel with a brush and take your time, you can use a narrow roller for the frame or edges around the panel. Again just take your time.

Rehang the door

Once you are happy that the door is painted evenly you can rehang the door and reattach the hardware and step back and admire your handywork.

This is a really easy weekend DIY job that you can save money on simply by shopping at Lowes with a Lowes Money Off Coupon from We Are Coupons.

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