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How to DIY your Bathroom into a Designer Bathroom

How to DIY your Bathroom into a Designer Bathroom

Home Depot has been making American homes look amazing for decades. We Are Coupons has been helping Americans save money using the best Home Depot Coupons you can find. One thing Home Depot is especially good at is helping people DIY their homes into spaces that look fabulous. One room Home Depot can help you with is your Bathroom and here are some DIY tips to make your DIY bathroom look like a designer bathroom

Create a feature wall

One thing that interior designers know well is that a feature wall is key to a gorgeous looking bathroom. Professional interior designers love this and use it to show off their talent. But with some help from Home Depot you can do it too. Adding a pattern or some contrasting paint with some texture makes a wall stand out. At the same time it uplifts your bathroom and gives a real Wow factor!

Use Natural Light

Interior designers make bathrooms look stylish by maximising the use of natural light. This is no secret but the average DIYer perhaps overlooks this. If you can make your windows bigger, or if you can move things around to bring in more light then do so. Natural light is Gods own way of making your bathroom look absolutely fabulous.  Maybe plan a project to replace and enlarge your bathroom windows, you won’t regret it!

Bold Colours

It is fair to say that the average DIYer does tend to err on the side of boring or safe when it comes to color. Many bathrooms across the United States are a rather yawn and go to sleep shade of white, gray at a push. One way to give the real designer feel to your bathroom that costs very little is to be brave and choose some bold colors. Imagine an amazing modern and fun bathroom in Red or Yellow or even red and yellow! This is by far the simplest way to create that designer bathroom look and feel.

Stand Alone Tub

Nearly all bathrooms stick the bathtub in the corner or against the wall. Boring.  It is not difficult nor is it costly to include a standalone tub in your bathroom. A standalone tub exudes style and quality in a wonderfully classically way. It also makes it look like a fantastic and costly interior designer has created your room. Go on be different and take on the challenge of replacing your wall or corner tub with a stunning standalone tub!

Go Smart

The ultimate way to give your bathroom that designer look and feel is to go smart.  Smart showers that heat up at to the right temperature and save water at the same time. Smart sound and smart TVs designed for your bathroom. Smart lighting that dims when you relax in the tub. Automatic soap dispensers. The list is endless and all these touches give your boring bathroom that designer look and feel!


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