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Stocking Stuffers for a DIY Lover

Stocking Stuffers for a DIY Lover

Christmas is here and you need to decide what gifts you need to buy everyone.  It’s a crazy and frantic time of year while we all want to ger that special someone that special something we also need those stocking stuffers. Lowes is strangely a great place to buy last minute stocking stuffers and with a Lowes Money Off Coupon from We Are Coupons you can save a few dollars too. So, what superb stocking stuffers can you buy at Lowes?

A set of mini pliers

There are countless tasks around the home and in the garden where a small pair of pliers is needed. Also for those of you who camp a small pair of pliers tucked away for those emergencies that always crop up is a must. Lowes has plenty of tools and for under $20 you can find sets of mini pliers that will be absolute life savers for many people. These make a surprisingly wonderful Christmas gift.

Build and Grow Monster Truck

Kids spend far too much time on their screens and devices and many parents are looking for Christmas gifts that take kids away from technology. The wooden build and grow monster truck is a superb stocking stuffer for under $10 that teaches a child basic woodwork and construction skills by building a model monster truck.  The gift is made from top quality materials and any child will really feel as if they have achieved something once they have built this rather awesome toy.

A Tape Measure

No home or man can have enough tape measures.  A Tape Measure is one of those small gifts that will at first raise a few eyebrows and a question of “why?”.  However, it won’t be long before something, somewhere in the house needs to be measured and the penny will drop.  You may get a belated thank you and at Christmas or any time of the year that is all that matters.

Stainless Steel Coffee Mug

Nearly everyone takes a coffee with them somewhere at some point. Sure you can grab a mug from the kitchen but china and porcelain braeak. What you need is stainless steel coffee mug or what some folk call a travel mug. Lowes has a superb selection of top quality stainless steel mugs for under $20 that make really good stocking stuffers for anyone who likes to take their coffee with them!

Miniature LED Torch

A torch is something you always wish you had to hand at those moments you need one. Lowes has a superb selection  of small and miniature LED torches and flashlights. These simple and useful gadgets make superb and often welcome Christmas gifts and with them starting at under $10 you can buy one for every   member of the family!

Lowes is a wonderful place to shop and you can find a gift for anyone in store.


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