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DIY jobs in the home that kids can help with

DIY jobs in the home that kids can help with

Many of us are on lockdown and in many cases the kids are beginning to get bored, if they were not bored by the end of the first few days. DIY is a great thing for kids to do and working with mom or dad on a DIY project is a cool way to keep kids busy and renovate your house. Lowes has everything you need to renovate your home and they are open during the current pandemic. At Lowes you can buy all you need to renovate you home and with a Lowes Money Off Coupon from We Are Coupons you can save money on all your purchases instore. So, what DIY jobs can the kids help with? Provided they are supervised there are many

Lay and Space Floor Tiles

Laying floor tiles, or at least spacing them is a straightforward task almost any child can do. Depending on the age of the child and the complexity of any design using plastic spaces is an easy way to lay tiles. Older kids can help spread thinset or grouting. You can even leave kids to get creative if you like and watch a floor tile masterpiece come together.

Hang Hooks

This is not a simple knock a nail in  the wall DIY job and does require some supervision, older kids can even use the power drill. Hanging picture hooks  requires thinking as measuring is needed and this DIY task not only becomes fun but educational. Working with your child is a great way to bond and buy working together on a project such as hanging pictures the end result is something to be proud of.

Assemble Flat Packed Furniture

Assembling furniture can be a joy for some or a nightmare for others, there is a reason why some Lowes stores offer assistance to assemble furniture. However, working together with your kids assembling furniture becomes a real bonding experience. Sometimes just working out what the instructions mean, especially with imported furniture from the far east where English is not always a first language. Working together and assembling furniture is fun and satisfying task the whole family can take part in.


Oh yes,  painting is something all kids love and with some supervision amazing fun can be enjoyed by making a mess to begin with. Using safe, water based paints handprints can fill the walls before getting down to serious painting and decorating, memories are made and some homes even glass over a piece of wall where the handprints are and make is a feature of the room.

There are endless fun ways to include your kids In DIY around  the home. Always supervise them and always them let get creative. Including your kids in revamping your home is both fun and educational and Lowes is a store full of ideas that can bring your home to life with some help from the kids.


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