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Energy Saving in your Home: Electricity

The world has woken up to the need to save energy and they know they have to change their ways.  Environmentally friendly options and resources have become something many are looking for. Load shedding scared people into making changes, people felt the pain both practically and financially. Home Depot has hundreds of ideas to help you save energy in the home. We Are Coupons helps you save money when Shopping Online at Home Depot with the best Home Depot Money Off Coupons. Where do you begin?

How can you save energy in the home?

Lighting in the home is an obvious choice. We take lighting for granted and we don’t realise how we abuse it.  The first thing that will save both a small fortune and energy is to switch lights off when they are not needed. How many times have you got lights on in every room when you are the only person home? Switch them off, they are costing you money!

Energy saving globes were all the rage a few years ago and the switch made savings for many and did reduce energy consumption. But there is a better solution; a solution uses up to 75% less energy to light an average. This solution is LEDs and it is an easy switch to make. LED globes are more expensive, and many people would not be able to afford to migrate the whole home in one move. Replacing just one globe each week or each month will soon see an entire home converted to an amazing energy saving space. The cost of the LEDs is soon paid back, firstly through energy saved and secondly because they last up to 10 times longer than normal globes.

In winter many people leave heaters on all day to keep the house warm, aircon likewise in summer. This costs a fortune and wastes energy. There is a way to avoid this entirely. Insulation will be the best investment you can make in your home. It doesn’t have to be expensive but the better your insulation the more efficient your heating and cooling becomes. Simple and cost effective solutions such as curtains or thermal blinds can begin to bring savings of up to 30% on household bills. The saving on the bills equates to less energy be used and is a win win result. Don’t forget that insulation also keeps your home cool in summer as well as warm in winter.  Insulation is easy to do and the results are almost immediate.

While looking at your lights and heating take a look at your appliances. Many homes have an array of appliances some older than others. Older appliances may work well but they do tend to operate far less efficiently than modern appliances. Appliances today are tested for their efficiency and the amount of electricity they use. A scale called the Energy Efficiency rating has been applied and all new appliances now show the rating to the consumer. AA+ is the rating all consumers should aim for and having low wattage, modern appliances will help you achieve this and at the same time reduce your energy use.

It’s not just the age of your appliance that can affect energy use; the type of appliance can also make a difference. Conventional ovens are not as energy efficient as fan or convection ovens for example. No electric oven and hob can compete with gas, though. Switching a kitchen to gas is a cost effective energy saver.

Don’t forget about smart technology. Technology today gives us greater control over energy use in the home than ever before. Uptake is increasing and properties are being developed and remodelled with technology in mind.


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