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4 bedroom Storage Ideas


Home Depot has been helping people improve their homes for decades. One area that Home Depot is an expert on is decluttering your home. No matter whether your home a 1 room studio or vast mansion bedrooms never seem to have enough storage. Home depot has plenty of cupboards and boxes for conventional storage, We Are Coupons can help you save money on these when shopping online with a We Are Coupons Home Depot Money Off Coupon. But boxes and things are all great but you still never seem to have enough space. So, what do you do?  Here are 4 Ideas

Hide Away Under the Bed

This is an old favorite but this is not how your kids might tidy up their bedroom, this is sophisticated stashing. With the right storage ideas and know what to stash under the bed hiding things under the bed can be a really smart way to make more storage in the bedroom. Out of season clothes can be stored in vacuum bags that can be filled extremely full and then shrunk to minimal with no effort. You could build a sliding drawer under the bed that looks really stylish and fits in nicely with the bedroom design. Drawers under the bed are great in kids bedrooms for storing toys with ease.

Think Vertical

So many homes ignore a surface that is often bigger than the floor. When you have books, CDs and other boxed on physical items you wish to store shelves are the ultimate option. You can build conventional shelves that take up mammal space or you can look at floating cubes, with or without doors. If a bedroom is also a study shelves make an excellent place to store all those books. Quite why shelves have gone out of fashion no one really knows because shelves can look really cool and stylish when well-planned.

Maximize your Closet Space

In general, the average closet has not been designed optimally for storage. Nearly all closers have a similar or even the same layout of a hanging area for the big stuff and some shelving areas for small items. People need to learn how to store their clothes in  Closet properly. If you unpack your closet and think logically about where certain clothes go and whether or not they can be stored in their box as is easy with shoes, you can make space savings. Spend some time totally unpacking your closets and plan your storage and see the difference it makes.

Create Attic Space

Duh! This does sound stupid but maybe you do not need to pack and store everything in your bedroom. People are hoarders and people are lazy. Making your attic or loft more accessible can become the best storage solution for your bedroom. Home Depot has all the tools and materials you need to make your attic more accessible and this will solve a million and one bedroom storage problems. 


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