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March Home Maintenance

March Home Maintenance

Winter is falling behind us and summer is calling. Home Depot is there for most Americans in every season and now March has arrived Spring in on the mind of everyone. We Are Coupons helps you save money at Home Depot with the best Home Depot Coupons.  So, March is here, what do you need to do around your house?

Clean Up the Yard

Over winter you have perhaps not cleaned up your yard and garden and often as you should have. Snow has hidden much of the outside world for a few months. Your garden is showing the mess once hidden and it needs clearing up. Mess from your dogs is more than likely mixed up in the mess now beginning to appear and this needs to be collected and disposed of carefully. While it might not be quite time to mow your lawn but a tidy up will make the first cut extremely pleasurable.

Clean your Deck

Your deck has perhaps also been covered in snow and ice for a few months and you now want to enjoy some early spring sunshine. It is time to clean up and tidy your deck. Sweep up any leaves and any trash that may have built up, perhaps hose down the deck and get it ready for staining or treating later in the year. Have a look at your deck furniture, it may need repairing or replacing.  Note: Do Not Power wash your deck as this can damage the wood

Check your Roof and Gutters

Winter has perhaps been harsh on your roof and gutters. As snow and ice melt leaks may become apparent.  Gutters may have been damaged and other areas around the roof may now show signs of damage or just wear and tear. It is not a time to panic but the repairs you need to do can be noted, materials purchased as the weeks become dryer you can undertake the maintenance needed.  Not addressing these issues now can cause more damage and repairs can become expensive. It makes sense at this time of the year to review your roof insulation.

Maintain your Fireplace

Over the colder months, your fireplace has kept you warm. Now that the weather is warmer you don’t need to light your fire and as with everything in your home, it needs a little TLC. If your fire is gas then you need to service it ready for next year. If the fire is a wood fire, then you need the give the fireplace a good clean. You need to also clean the chimney or flue in readiness for next winter. Chimney cleaning is often best left to the professionals.

Clean and Tidy your Garage

Over winter your garage has more than likely become a dumping ground.  Your garage now needs a tidy and March is the perfect time to get a head start on the spring cleaning. Take a morning or an afternoon in March and sweep out your garage, remove all the junk and get it organised. You won’t regret it!

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