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Best Home Maintenance YouTube Channels

Best Home Maintenance YouTube Channels

Lowes has everything you need to help you look after and maintain your home.  With a Lowes Discount Coupon from We Are Coupons you can save money at Lowes.  But how do you begin to learn how to maintain your home?  YouTube is the first place many people go to for advice and help when it comes to Home Maintenance and DIY.  But what are the best channels?  We have done some watching and here are what we think are The Best Home Improvement Channels on YouTube

Ask the Builder

Energetic, fun and very real, Ask the Builder is one of the most popular home maintenance channels on YouTube. From the basic tasks to more complex projects Ask the Builder covers everything, and anything related to home maintenance. A really good channel to watch and follow. 

Ron Hazleton

Very much your everyday American home renovation man, Ron Hazleton is down to earth and informative. The channel is very real to life and covers just about anything the average homeowner may have to tackle when it comes to looking  after their property.  We loved this friendly channel and enjoyed how everything was covered in detail.


The YouTube Channel is an excellent channel growing in popularity for its diversity of projects and ideas.  The channel really does encourage homeowners to tackle almost any task and covers everything from small jobs to larger projects through its more than 400 professional videos.

The Old House

One of the more entertaining Home Improvement channels on YouTube, This Old House makes you feel part of the project they are tackling.  A well thought through sit back and watch channel that provides useful insights and often different options for completing a task or project.  This channel will leave you hooked and will inspire you to really look after your home.

I Build It Home Improvements

Follow the story of a 1950s property being renovated.  For anyone undertaking a renovation this channel is a must and a joy to watch. The popular channel covers aspects of DIY and Home Maintenance that others overlook because this is about renovating not just maintaining.  A very practical and easy to watch (and enjoy)  channel that we rate as one of the best.

The DIY Network

The DIY Network channel is one of the most comprehensive Home Maintenance Channels on YouTube. With over 2000 videos the channel makes home improvement and DIY easy. This is a must watch channel

Home Improvement

Maybe you just need some fun and laughter. If this is the case then a little bit of Tim Allen and his TV show Home Improvement maybe just thing. We all need some laughter in our lives.

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