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How Does Carpet Steam Cleaning Work

How Does Carpet Steam Cleaning Work

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A Good clean

A good vacuum cleaner cleans a carpet pretty well, but for a really deep clean a steam cleaner is needed. Steam cleaning is a highly recommended task that yields great dividends in terms of both having a clean home and extending the life of the carpets and rugs you have. But How Does Carpet Steam Cleaning Work?

To the layman, a carpet steam clean seems like little more than just a really powerful wet-dry vacuum cleaner that sucks the living daylights out of a carpet. This is far from the truth and a carpet steam clean, while not complicated, is much more than just washing the carpet and then sucking up dirt. Carpet steam cleaning uses a virtually dry vapour of steam to clean a carpet or rug and uses powerful suction to scrub away the dirt formed deep down in the piles of the carpet.

There are essentially four components of a steam clean process that explain how carpet steam cleaning works.


The first part of the steam cleaner functionality is boiling the water and the carpet cleaning “shampoo” to turn it into the steam needed for the system to work. A mix of water with a highly effective cleaning chemical is boiled in one part of the machine. Generally, this part of the machine Carpet Steam Cleaning Worksdeep into the carpet because steam, not liquid is used.


Once boiled the concoction of cleaning fluid and water becomes steam. This steam is then sprayed directly onto the carpet. Steam penetrates deep into the carpet and because of the heat and the cleaning fluid germs and bacteria are killed ready to be sucked up and disposed of. Furthermore, steam breaks down dirt and loosens stubborn elements such as grease to enable highly effective cleaning.

Suck and Scrub

Once the steam is sprayed into the fibres of the carpet a powerful vacuum cleaner kicks in and with a very physical scrub with a variety of attachments the muck, grease and germs are sucked out of the carpet. Sometimes a very dirty carpet may require a few passes of the spray, suck and scrub for a deep down clean. Different attachments are used for different areas, a wider, general attachment is used for large areas of carpet while smaller attachments are used on stairs, for example, or even on couches. The dirt is sucked out in the form of filthy liquid.


The final part of the process of carpet steam cleaner is the disposal of the dirt from your carpet. A secondary “bucket” to the boiler “bucket” is used for the dirty liquid. This bucket is often removable or has a tap of some form to drain the liquid that can be poured safely down any drain. In some cases, where eco-friendly chemicals are used the liquid can be poured onto lawns or gardens without causing harm.

The overall carpet steam cleaner operation is very straightforward and with the right machine it is easy!

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