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Funny Friday: Cleaning Jokes

Funny Friday: Cleaning Jokes

This week we have taken look at cleaning, or not cleaning your home. Lowes have bene supply Americans with the best cleaning materials at the best prices for decades. Using a We Are Coupons Lowes Money Off Coupon you can save money on everything you need to clean your home. If this doesn’t make you smile these cleaning and cleaner jokes will

Reflective Work

I got offered a job cleaning mirrors

It's something I can really see myself doing

Cleaning with Jess Bezos

Jeff Bezos is cleaning out his attic and stumbles upon a magic lamp

Naturally, he rubs it and out comes a genie. As soon as the genie comes out, Jeff Bezos starts walking away.

Genie: Uhm...hello, I’m a genie...what about the wish?

Bezos: Ugh, fine, what do you want?

Gun Cleaning

People tell me I'm stupid for cleaning my firearms with honey.

But I'm sticking to my guns.

Cleaning Lady Truth

The cleaning lady refused to mop or sweep

"Floors are beneath me" she explained.

Blind Cleaning

I had a cleaning lady come to my house and when I opened the door I saw a 75-year-old lady standing there. So I told her what to clean and she worked but, it wasn’t done that great. So I asked her “how do you keep your job?" She then explained to me, “I just keep clients who can’t see any better than I can!"

Wrong Number

Husband calls his wife at home and finds out she's in bed with another man

Husband (H) calls home and the cleaning lady (CL) answers the phone:

CL: Hello?

H: Can I speak to the missus please

CL: She's a bit busy now, she can't come to the phone right now

H: Why? What is she doing?

CL: She's in the bedroom with her friend

H: What friend, what are they doing?!

CL: (clearing her throat uncomfortably) hmm, private things sir

H: I want you to do something for me. Go to the study and fetch the gun in the top left drawer, then come back to the phone

CL: Yes sir (comes back after a minute)

CL: I've got it sir

H: Now go to the bedroom an shoot the missus and her friend, then come back to the phone

(After a minute H hears 2 gunshots)

CL: Done it sir, what now?

H: Now go outside and throw the gun in the swimming pool

CL: No sir, there's no pool at this house sir

H: Sorry, wrong number...


Low Cost Equipment

I bought a very cheap vacuum cleaner from a sale

What do you expect? It sucks.


Vacuum Cleaner Truth

No matter what vacuum cleaner you buy

They all suck

Cleaning Nuns

Did you hear about the dry cleaner that opened next door to the convent?

He knocked on the door and asked the mother superior if she had any dirty habits


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