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Funny Friday: Energy Jokes

Funny Friday: Energy Jokes

When saving energy around the home all you need to do is shop at Home Depot and you will find hundreds of ideas and solutions. When shopping at home depot online you need to usen a We Are Coupons Home Depot Coupon to save money. That is something to smile about, now have a giggle with this weeks jokes on energy of various kinds

Units of measure

"You're a unit of electrical energy, Harry."

"I'm a watt?"


3rd Graders

We were learning about energy in 3rd grade...

I raised my hand curiously and the teacher called on me and I asked “What energy do lights use?” She looked at me hesitantly, as if I asked about a forbidden knowledge, questioning what she should respond with and said “I would tell you but the answer is very shocking.” Frustrated with the answer, I asked what energy does light create. And again with the same body language, she looked at me, but this time with worry in her eyes and said, “You wouldn’t be able to handle the heat”

Renewable Energy

I had to create a report on how wind energy is produced

It was a breeze

Discussing Renewable Energy

What do you call a TV show discussing renewable energy?

The solar panel

Energy Talks

A wind turbine saw a solar panel at an energy convention.

He leaned in and shouted, “hey, I’m a big fan!”


Practical Energy Saving

I've been trying to save energy recently.

So I threw out the treadmill and moved the beer fridge closer to my room.

Energy saving journeys

Kilometers are shorter than miles.  Save gas, take your next trip in kilometers.

How a blonde saves energy

A redhead, brunette and blonde woman are walking aimlessly through an endless desert

The redhead said to the others, "I'm glad we all were smart and brought one item that will help us stay safe if we get lost in the desert. I brought a big canteen of water as mine. If I get thirsty, I'll have that to drink."


The brunette then chimes in and says, "great idea! For my one item, I brought a protein bar. I should be able to make it last this whole time, providing me energy."


The brunette, now with a puzzled look on her face, looks to the blonde, who's carrying a car door. She says, "I brought a protein bar, she has water...why would you bring a car door?!"


The blonde woman replies to her friend say, "In case I get hot, I'll just roll down the window

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