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Funny Friday: Appliance Jokes

This week has been all about appliances. Both Lowes and Home Depot are well known for being the best places to get any home appliances at the best prices. We Are Coupons can save you money at either store with the best Coupons available.  In the meantime, here are some funnies about appliances…

Blonde Joke

"How much for this TV?" She asks, the salesman replies "Sorry, we don't sell to blondes." The blonde leaves the store, goes home, and dyes her hair red.

She comes back to the store the next day and asks the salesman again "How much for this TV?" To which the salesman once again replies "Sorry, we don't sell to blondes." The blonde wonders to herself: "How does he know I'm blonde? I've dyed my red." So she goes home, and dyes it brown.

She returns to the store the following day and again asks "How much for this TV?" And once again the salesman tells her "Sorry we don't sell to blondes." Annoyed that the salesman was able to see through her trick, she asks him "But my hair is brown, How'd you know I'm a blonde?" The salesman chuckles and responds "Because that's microwave!"

Appliance to Kill

A guy walks into an appliance store...

Manager: Can I help you?

Guy: Yes. I'm looking for one of those bath bomb thingies that burns bread.

Manager: Do you mean a Toaster?

Guy: That's what they're called??

Success in Appliances

My grandfather made a fortune manufacturing kitchen appliances

He was a fridge magnate.

Australian Appliance

What do you get when you cross Australia with a kitchen appliance?

A frigeridoo

Appliance Greetings

How do kitchen appliances greet each other?

They micro-wave.

Appliance Revenge

A guy walks in to an appliance store

And the salesman immediately approaches him saying:

"Sir, would you be interested in a 4K Super smart tv with a voice remote, connection to youtube,netflix and social sites and instant access to thousands of channels around the world"

“Okay... For how much?"

"ONLY 5 dollars" - Says the salesman

"Alright, I'll buy it!"

"And now, what about a brand new laundry machine, washes AND dries clothes in less than 10 minutes, it can even dry things of different colors and they will stay the same!"

"How much?

"5 dollars"

The man grows suspicious but still buys it

"Now" - Says the salesman - " Here's a hi-tech fridge that..."

"OK, hold on, this costs 5 dollars too?"

"Yes indeed!"

"Why is everything at 5 dollars? Were these stolen?"

"No, not at all" - Says the salesman - "You see, my boss is in bed with my wife as we speak, what he's doing to her, I'm doing to his business!"

A Live Conversation

What did the wall outlet say to the appliance?

"You're grounded."

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