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Funny Friday: Family and Relatives

Funny Friday:  Family and Relatives

This week we have touched on Family a lot.  Lowes has been there for American Families for many decades and the famous blue store is on of the most family orientated businesses in the entire United States.  With a Lowes Money Off Coupon from We Are Coupons you can save money on things that your family will love. If that does not make them smile then these family and relative jokes will.

Love your Family

My wife accused me of hating her family and relatives...

I replied, "No, I don't hate your relatives. In fact, I like your mother-in-law a lot better than I like mine."

Caring Family

At a funeral, a man asks the family of the deceased if he can say something.

They say yes, so he stands up, clears his throat and says "Optometry".


The family looks confused, so he explains, "It means eye care."

Hair loss in the family

There was an old man who lived by a forest. As he grew older and older, he started losing his hair, until one day, on his deathbed, he was completely bald. That day, he called his children to a meeting...

He said, "Look at my hair. It used to be so magnificent, but it's completely gone now. My hair can't be saved. But look outside at the forest. It's such a lovely forest with so many trees, but sooner or later they'll all be cut down and this forest will look as bald as my hair."


"What I want you to do..." the man continued. "Is, every time a tree is cut down or dies, plant a new one in my memory. Tell your descendants to do the same. It shall be our family's duty to keep this forest strong."


And so they did.


Each time the forest lost a tree, the children replanted one, and so did their children, and their children after them.


And for centuries, the forest remained as lush and pretty as it once was, all because of one man and his re-seeding heirline.

Family Business

I want to be a doctor as the rest of my family.

“No one in your family is a doctor”


“No but they want to be”

Be Careful What You Wish For

A fairy once appeared and told a family couple

"For 25 years you were a wonderful family couple. I now shall grant each of you one wish."

The wife went first.

"I want to travel the world with my dearly beloved husband'.

The fairy waved her magic wand, and instantly in the wife's hand appeared plane tickets and travel vouchers.

But unexpectedly the 50 year old husband said.

"This is really romantic and wonderful, but this is a once in a lifetime opportunity. I'm sorry honey, but I want a wife 30 years younger than me."

The fairy waved her magic wand once again, and immediately turned the guy into an 80 year old man.

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