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Funny Friday: Snowy Jokes

Funny Friday: Snowy Jokes

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Snow Car Crash

An unhappy couple are driving on a snowy night when they get into an accident.

Both of them are hospitalized soon but the wife doesn't survive. The husband is unconscious for quite some time after the accident.


When he wakes up, the doctor gently tells him the truth.


He says, "Sir, we have a bad news."


The man tenses up. He replies, "What? Is it my wife? What happened to her?"


The doctor feels sad saying this, "Yes sir, it's about your wife. She uhhh..."


The man cuts him off and say, "Wait, you said it was a bad news, right? Oh God she survived didn't she?"


There once was a beautiful, snowy kingdom.

It was ruled by a fair king who joyfully ruled his land. Unfortunately, the kingdom was also home to a wicked thief who loved nothing more than causing mayhem for all the inhabitants of the land.


However, the thief was not your ordinary thief. He only stole bells. Any kind of bell, whether a tiny bell from a kitten’s collar, all the way up to the bell from the king’s royal bell tower.


When the king awoke one morning, the bell tower’s bell was missing. The king, being brave and noble, decided to follow the thief back to his lair. He chose four of his most loyal soldiers, mounted his horse, and rode off into the snowy woods, following the footprints left behind on the ground.


Soon, he and his soldiers arrived to a clearing in the woods. In front of them was a large, bell-shaped building. They found the thief’s lair!Pointing to the recent tracks left in the snow by the thief, the king announced to the soldiers,


“Look! The Fresh Prints to Bell Lair!”


Two snowmen are standing in a snowy field...

And after 3 hours of complete silence, one turns to the other and asks


"Can you smell carrots?"

Monks in the Snow

On the snowy mountains of eastern Asia, there live a secluded group of monks

Bi-weekly the head monk teaches a class of young monks the way of their order. One particular class began with the head monk explaining that while the world is full of hidden meaning, objects are nothing but themselves, and thus meaningless. The head monk said 'you see children, this vase I hold is just that, a vase. Much the same, the pencil in young Tim's hand is just that, a pencil.' Upon hearing this, a young monk piped up. 'Master, what about a desk?'


'A desk is a desk.' The head monk replied.


'And a bed?' The young monk asked


'A bed is just a bed.' The head monk replied.


'What about a cupboard?' The young monk asked.


'A cupboard is a cupboard!' The head monk replied, now very frustrated.


'But what about a door?' The young monk asked.


The head monk, done with the young monks frustrating thickness, had an outburst.


'What about the bloody door?!' he said.


'Is it a door?' the young monk asked.


'Look here, when is a door not a bloody door?' the head monk asked.


'When it's ajar.' the young monk replied.

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