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Funny Friday: Barbecue

Funny Friday: Barbecue

Summer is here and Lowes has all you need (apart from the food)  to host the perfect summer barbecue. With a Lowes Money Off Coupon you can save money on a new barbecue and all the equipment you need. If that doesn’t make you smile these barbecue jokes should


A pig, a cow, and a chicken walk into a barbecue.

The End


When finally the quarantaine is over and you have the following options: A. Going on vacation with your wife. B. Having a barbecue with your friends. What would you choose?

Spareribs or hamburgers?

Healthy Eating

Before every barbecue I tell myself I'll eat healthy and stick to the salads.

But then my plan takes a turn for the wurst.

Groan Joke

My friends invited me to barbecue night yesterday. I said no but now I'm regretting it.

That was a missed steak.

Office Barbecue

At the office barbecue, I grilled a medium rare steak for my boss, and he said, “I like it well done!”

I said, “Thanks. That means a lot.”

BBQ Language

What do religious dads do at barbecues?

They speak in tongs.

Dangerous Cow

I was at a barbecue party when a cow from a nearby farm charged me and chased me into a corner

It was at that moment I realized my life was at steak


Why couldn't the monkey use the barbecue?

He wasn't a grill'a

Cab Rides

A man and a woman hailed the same cab at the exact same time…

“Pardon me,” said the man. “You go ahead. I’m only going to the restaurant row. I’ll grab the next one.”

“Restaurant row?” the woman responded. “What a crazy coincidence! That’s where I’m headed as well. Maybe we can split the fare?”

“Oh, no thanks. I’m going to this little hole-in-the-wall barbecue place way down on the East end,” he said. “Wouldn’t want either of us to have to walk too far.”

“Little Piggie’s? You’re kidding, that’s where I’m headed!” she replied excitedly.

Reluctantly, the man got into the cab next to the woman, reaching out to give her an obligatory handshake. “I’m Chance, by the way. Chance Encounter.”

The woman enthusiastically shook his hand. “So pleased to meet you, I’m Sharon Dippity.”


What Do You Call A Line Of Men Waiting For A Haircut? With thanks to my 9 year old

A Barbecue.

Clever answer

A guy goes into a job interview...

The interviewer tells the interviewee at the end of the interview that if he answers this riddle, he will get the job.


"You have two chickens and a fox you need to get across a river. You can only take one animal in the rowboat at a time. If you leave a chicken alone with the fox the chicken will be eaten. What do you do?"


The interviewee thinks about this for a moment. After a brief awkward silence, he gives his answer.


"Well, first I'd buy livestock insurance, then barbecue the the chickens and blame the fox for it."


The interviewer is amazed.


"When can you start?"





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