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Funny Friday: April and other Jokes

Funny Friday:  April and other Jokes

It’s April and Home Depot has all you need for that all important Spring Clean.  To make you smile We Are Coupons has the best Home Depot Coupons on the net so you can save money on your spring clean. If you think that is nothing to laugh at hopefully these April jokes will be


Did you know bees become indecisive after April?

They become maybees.


Would February March?

No, but April May

Lucky Number 4

A man buys a train ticket to go to New York City...

A man buys a train ticket to go to New York City on April 4. The ticket costs $44 and he notices that the ticket number is 4444. He finds the train at platform 4 and his seat is in train car 4, seat number 44. The train leaves at exactly 4:44.

When he arrives, he goes to the hotel that is on 44 West 44th Street and for some reason the hotel room number is 444.

The man is a it spooked by all these fours following him, but he gets an idea. He goes to the race track and places a $44 444 bet on horse number 4.

And, believe it or not, horse number 4 finishes at 4th place.

Living Joke

I once knew someone who was born on April 1st and died on April 1st...

...His entire life was one big joke.

Tired in April

Why is everyone so tired on April 1st?

They just went through a grueling 31 day March.


So this blond gets a jigsaw puzzle for Christmas and she proudly posts in April "Hah I finished this in four months! The box said 2 - 4 years!!"


CNN Made a Joke Article for April Fools

Just another day in the office.


Chinese Food

What’s the difference between a spring roll and a summer roll?


April Trees

What do trees feel in spring?


Audi Joke -  just because

Three CEOs of car companies are kidnapped.

They are told to either pay $1bn for release, or attempt to escape 3 hazard-filled miles out of the city using any method of transportation they choose.


The first CEO asks for a Ford Mustang. He makes it one mile before being spotted by a group of snipers and eliminated.


The second CEO chooses a Bugatti Veyron. He gets within half a mile of freedom, spins out of control, and his escape attempt ends in a blazing fireball.


The third CEO asks for a large spring, a pair of wire cutters, some elastic, sellotape, and a bath toy. Puzzled and amused, the kidnappers agree. Smiling, the CEO cuts the spring into pieces and sticks the rubber toy to his head. He then attaches one piece of spring to his hands and feet before finally setting off.


A few hours later, the kidnappers meet the CEO at the city limits to grant his request for freedom.


"How did you do it?" One asks.


"Ah, says the CEO. "That was Foursprung Duck Technique

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