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April Home Maintenance

Where has the first quarter of 2021 gone?  At Home Depot the team are also wondering if they blinked and missed the first three months of the year as April kicks into gear.  Another month is here and you can save money on all the April Home maintenance tasks you need to do with a We Are Coupons Home Depot Coupon. But what are those April Home Maintenance tasks that you need to do?

Run the outside faucets

Hopefully, by now the freezing frosts and temperatures are behind us.  April is the time to check those outside faucets and run them.  Winter can see faucets seize up and pipework damaged, now is your chance to check them.  You may need to replace a few washers and maybe even replace some pipework.

Check your roof

Apri is very much the month to get up on your roof and have a close look at it. Winter will have punished your roof and some late frosts or even late snow may have damaged it recently.  A close look at the shingles and roof structure will soon tell you whether you have leaks or damage or not.

Check the gutters

This is a regular maintenance item but checking and cleaning your gutters is a preventative task you will never regret. April has hopefully seen the last of winter snow and winter storms and clearing your gutters now will keep the free-flowing for the spring showers that lay ahead.

AC Checks

The weather is warming up and before long you will be wanting to switch in your air-conditioning units. April is the best time to give your AC a thorough going over. Replace any filters, check ducts for damage, clear the vents and simply allow air to flow. This is another no regrets maintenance task that will save you time, hassle and money later in the year when you need your AC most.

Check out your concrete

Over the winter your concrete, like the rest of your property, has taken a battering. A small hairline crack in your pavement or driveway or even by your pool may have gone unnoticed before winter but ice has expanded inside the crack and it has grown.  Cracks in concrete are common after a harsh winter and April is the time of year to find them and fix them. A small repair now may avoid the need to replace your entire driveway in a few weeks time.

Run your Sprinklers

Your garden has not been irrigated for some time and April is the time to check your irrigation system. As with your faucets, leaks make have occurred and outlets may have become blocked or damaged over winter. April is the perfect month the test your sprinkler system and ensure it works to make your garden green this coming summer!



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