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Santa Loves A Clean House

Santa Loves A Clean House

Christmas is coming and all year Santa has been getting ready. The big question though is, are you really ready?

Okay, you are ready, the kids are excited, you have been hearing Christmas carols in your nearest Lowes store since November so yes, you are ready. However, is your house ready?

A clean house is vitally important for Christmas and Santa wants to know that the outside is especially clean. You can really get you’re the outside of your home clean with a quick visit to Lowes who have all the tools you need to really tidy up!

Santa, thanks to Mrs Claus, is fanatical about things being clean. He delivers the best presents and best surprises to houses that are clean on the outside.  For his reindeer, he insists on landing them on a clean driveway.  Rudolph is a little fussy, so we are told, and only recently Santa sent a thank you letter to a family who purchased a jet washer from Lowes to clean their driveway perfectly for Rudolph to land.

When Santa lands on the roof, he likes to inspect the gutters of a house. Clean gutters on a house are important and he believes they give a clear indication about the people living in the home. If you want to really make Santa happy and get some extra presents from him, make sure you have cleaned your gutters. Lowes has all the equipment you need to reach up high and clean your gutters perfectly. From ladders to brushes and hoses, Lowes has it all and you can save money with a Lowes Money Off Coupon on all these items too.

The other thing Santa loves above all else is clean windows. Clean windows mean he can see inside your home to make sure you are all sleeping. Only then can he deliver his presents.  A quick visit to Lowes, armed with a money off coupon will help you get everything you need to clean your windows perfectly. Remember, with clean windows, children can easily see outside to see if Santa is on his way. In addition, if it snows, they can watch the snow falling outside.

Santa knows the families that shop and Lowes for everything they need to clean and tidy their house, this makes him very happy because he knows these people know that Lowes is the best place to shop for everything you need to clean your home. If Santa is happy then we know he will make your Christmas happier

Finally, a tidy garden is something Santa really likes, and he has told us that. Not many people know this but because Santa told them, Lowes stocks the widest range of garden maintenance equipment.  Thanks to Lowes you look after your garden all year round. Every now and then Santa flies over in his sleigh and smiles at the tidy Gardens in the United States and knows those who have shopped at Lowes have the best gardens.   

Now you know that Santa loves a clean and tidy home isn’t it time you visited Lowes with a Money Off Coupon from we are coupons? Who knows, just because you have the cleanest and tidiest house on the block, it might see Santa deliver something extra special?   

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