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Spring Clean ... Lowes Style

Spring Clean ... Lowes Style

2020 has flown by in a flash and it is hard to think that Winter is almost over, and Spring is in the air. Spring is an awesome time for change, and really good a spring clean.  A Spring clean is what you really need and while you are at it some new linen, snag free towels and how about a change of curtains, a spring clean Lowes Style!

But let’s get to a clean-up first. 

Lowes is the place to start for this Spring clean and we know just how to help you.  To  really get the grime out of your floors they say that a “new broom sweeps clean” , well at Lowes we say “A New Vacuum Cleaner sucks clean” and we have the absolute best in Vacuum cleaners instore and you csn save money with a Lowes Downloadable Coupon.   Karcher is a brand known to be among the best and you won’t find it at a better price than with Lowes

Then comes the picking up of the trash and the mess, in among the litter of cups, mugs and plates you will need garbage bin that looks smart and takes the trash. Lowes has the widest range of the most stylish Dustbins; you can ask your friends “when is a trash can not a trash can?” and when they can’t answer you must tell them “when it is a trash can from  Lowes”, the trash cans that Lowes has are super stylish and will turn an ordinary trash can into a piece of home décor.

Now, back to those cups and saucers. Nothing says clean crockery like a dishwasher and if you are still washing by hand then you need to stop and visit Lowes. Not only does the store have a wide range of Dishwashers but has the best brands at the best possible prices that you can save money on with a Lowes Money Off Coupon here

So your house is clean now what?

Once your house is clean it is time to head back to Lowes and get some things to spruce up your house and give it the finishing touches to the ultimate spring clean. Lowes has a wide range of stunning curtains and to let the spring weather lift your rooms to absolute freshness and nothing does it better than a new set of curtains. From curtains for the lounge to curtains to your child’s bedroom or even teenage pad you will be spoilt for choice and Lowes and you will be amazed at the prices.

Why not go one further than just curtains?  A complete room or home makeover screams “spring clean”  and the best place to plan the whole thing is Lowes. From wall coverings to furniture to brand new appliances Lowes has the lot.  Don’t just spring clean do a complete spring makeover and live a little!

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