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When is fhe right time to clean your Gutters?

When is fhe right time to clean your Gutters?

Throughout the year your home needs looking after.  Home Depot have everything you need to ensure your home is maintained properly. With a Home Depot Money Off Coupon from We Are Coupons you can look after and maintain your home for less.  There are plenty of outdoor tasks that need doing all year round and one of those is cleaning out your gutters. When is the best time to clean out your gutters?

Five Problems that Arise from Clogged Gutters

Basement to leaks

One of the primary causes of basement and crawl-space leaks and other water issues is clogged gutters. Clogged gutters cause water overflow and as water builds up in and around the foundation leaks, general dampness, mold, mildew and higher than desirable levels of humidity can become problems.

Cracked Foundation

As water overflows a chain reaction begins.  Loose dirt under a foundation will settle over time and when one area of loose dirt settles faster than another cracks occur. Assisted by water settling can happen faster in some areas and slower in others and stress builds up. This stress triggers cracking and these cracks are very expensive you repair and sometimes need a complete new foundation.

Compromised Walkways and Driveways

In the same way that foundations crack so driveways, patios and walkways can do the same.  Loose dirt under asphalt, concrete and even pavers can settle unevenly and cause cracks that can lead to a complete collapse in some cases.


Your clogged gutters are a magnet for termites, mosquitoes and other pests. Termites thrive where water stands in gutters that do not flow. Mosquitoes love the stagnant water from the standing water and lay their eggs in it. Birds, mice and even squirrels are lured by the water and will soon make your soaked gutters their home making their way slowly into your attic.

Exterior Damage

Clogged gutters can damage your home's exterior and especially the roof shingles, soffit, fascia and wood frame or trim. Over time, dry rot can develop and this can become a costly problem to eradicate.

Best Time to Clean Gutters

There is no actual right time to clean your gutters. Experts will say early spring and later summer before and after winter and fall.  However, the truth is that you need to keep on top of your gutters and keep them clear all year round. Once cleared, cleaned and perhaps even repaired keeping gutters clean and free flowing is an  easy task that takes very little time. You should inspect your gutters at least four times a year to avoid any major problems arising.

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