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The Best Time to Paint Your House

The Best Time to Paint Your House

Home Depot sell lots of paint and with a Home Depot Money Off Coupon from We Are Coupons you can  save money on every color in the rainbow. Buying paint is easy, but when in the best time to paint your house?

To not burst your paint bubble but there is no one time that is ideal for applying a fresh coat of paint to your exterior or interior. Paint application is a process that depends on weather conditions and humidity. It's unique for each person and will vary depending on where they live. We can only tell you when is the best time to start your project, or to have a team of professionals do it. These are the signs you need to be aware of before you grab your paintbrush.

The Best Time to Paint Your House Exterior

Painting an exterior house can be difficult depending on where you live. It is easier to paint an exterior house if you live in areas with consistent sunshine and high temperatures. Avoid painting below 50°F. It can cause paint to stick and roll off if it is too cold," Noah Winkles (pro painter, owner of New Life Painting). You should also consider humidity and heat. Exterior paint usually drys in one hour. However, humidity can prolong that time. If the temperatures reach dangerously high levels, you need to be concerned about safety and health. You want to avoid extremes so the ideal temperature range is 65-90 degrees. Winkles says that paint can crack in extreme heat. This means that you should paint your exterior in the spring or fall when temperatures are lower.

Dry weather is also required for a new paint project. If rain is forecast, it's probably not the best time to paint outside. We avoid painting if it rains. I try to dry the substrates as soon as possible after wet weather. Winkles says that after heavy rainfalls, it is a good idea to allow the substrates to dry for several days. "You don't want to paint a wet surface," he said. Wind is another issue. While a breeze can be refreshing, it can cause overspray that can damage everything from your car and dog. If you are deciding whether to paint your house exterior in spring or fall, consider the average monthly rainfall in your area and use that information as a guide. Wait for a calm, clear forecast.

It can take four to five days to paint a home if it is painted by professionals. If you decide to DIY the job, this time frame can be doubled or tripled.

The Best Time to Paint House Interiors

This is great news! You can paint indoors year round because there are fewer variables than outside painting. Paint can stain, take longer to dry and may not adhere to walls well if it is humid. Winkles says that although it is best to wait until the weather is dry, a dehumidifier may be necessary if you have to paint.

Keep in mind what you have going on while you paint. If you are hosting a large event or planning to paint, it is not a good idea to bring in professionals or hire them. Paint takes time to dry so it might still feel damp. After a new coat of paint, it is not a good idea to invite people over or move furniture around. If you aren't planning on traveling or hosting guests in the near future, this may be the right time to paint. Just wait until it is dry and rains.

No-VOC (volatile Organic Compound) paint is best if you plan to paint your home's interior while your family is away. It won't emit as many chemicals into your air or off-gas. Many major paint companies now offer low- and no-VOC lines.


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