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How to paint a wooden floor

How to paint a wooden floor

One of the biggest trends in home décor at the moment is painted patterns on wooden floorboards.  It looks amazing and looks expensive as well as something that can only be done by professionals. Thanks to Lowes and a Lowes Printable Coupon from We Are Coupons it is really affordable and with this How To you will realise it is an easy job you can complete over a weekend. So, here goes…

You will need:

  •         Hand sander
  •         Mop and bucket
  •         Detergent and warm water
  •         Wood filler
  •         Filler knife
  •         Primer
  •         Paint
  •         Clear wood varnish
  •         Paint roller
  •         Paintbrush
  •         Self-adhesive square floor tile (pattern or quality doesn't matter)


Step 1: Clean and Sand the Boards

A day or two before you start painting clean and sand the boards and get them as clean and smooth as possible. A small hand sander works well for this job. Once sanded mop and clean the floor well to present the best surface to paint on.

Step 2:  Fill holes and cracks

You want to get as smooth a surface as possible so you should fill in and smooth over any holes or cracks with wood filler and allow it to dry.

Step 3: Prime the surface

If you are painting the entire floor then paint the floor with a good wood primer and allow to dry. If you want to create that all important pattern then coat the floor with a clear wood varnish and allow to dry fully.

Step 4a:  Time to Paint One Color

Now comes the fun part.  Using a roller or a good quality paintbrush paint a good coat of paint on the floor. Allow this to dry and add a second thin coat of paint and allow to dry once again before adding a final, third thin coat of floor paint.

Step 4b:  Time Paint with a Pattern

This is real fun and needs a little planning and thinking to get right. You can use more than one color to create your pattern and it really is fun. Plan out you masterpiece design or pattern and place unpeeled vinyl sticker shapes where you want them to get an idea of where the bare wood will be. If you are happy stick the cheap vinyl stickers to the floor and then paint in the gaps. As with painting the entire floor paint good first coat and apply two thin coats allowing time to dry in between. Then remove the stickers once the paint is fully dray and bravo! you have your patterned floor!


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