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Unusual uses for Ice Cubes

Unusual uses for Ice Cubes

Home depot is full of surprises when it comes to ideas for around the home. With experts on everything from tools to curtains Home Depot has all you need to keep your home in tip top condition.  To help you save money at Home Depot a Home Depot Coupon from We Are coupons is the best way. 

Over the years We Are Coupons has provided useful information on a variety of subjects and his week is no different. Today we will tell you about some rather cool uses for ice around the home. 


Ice to reheat rice

Waste not want not.  This true in most American households and food is something we all try not to waste. Rice is often kept for later use but when reheated it becomes dry and is simply thrown away. To reheat rice and keep it soft and fluffy simply place an ice cube on the rice when you place it in the microwave. Easy!

Water your hanging plants

Plants in hanging baskets are a pain to water and water tends to go everywhere when doing so. The easiest and most mess-free way to water hanging plants is to place some ice cubes in the basket and let then melt. 

Remove carpet dents

Have you ever had heavy furniture standing on carpet and then moved the room around?  Have you been flummoxed by the carpet dents made that seem impossible to remove?  Ice is again the answer. Place a cube or of ice on each dent and let It melt. As the ice melts so the dent will vanish!

Prevent Sauces from Curdling

All good chefs know this fantastic trick with ice.  When your sauces begin to curdle you think there is nothing you can do other than whisk faster. Whisking doesn’t work either.  The solution?  Place a couple of ice cubes in the sauce and watch the sauce magically become perfect.

Smooth Caulk the easy Way

Caulking is an easy job until it comes to smoothing the stuff out.  Once applied many people try to smooth it with their finger only for it to stick to their finger and make a mess.  To smooth caulk properly simply run an ice cube along the caulk line and the job will look perfect!

Unblock your garbage disposal unit

When your garbage disposal unit gets clogged up it can be the most frustrating thing. Nothing you try unclogs all the grease that has built up, even professional de-greasing agent. Ice is your best friend. Simply throw a few ice cubes in the machine and as the ice crushes in the machine the grease sticks to the crushed ice and it flows away.

Ice is amazing best friend in the house  and you should always keep some on hand.


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