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Different Glasses and Their Uses - Part 2

Different Glasses and Their Uses - Part 2

With Christmas just around the corner no doubt you will have friends and family sharing a drink.  Home Depot has all the different types of glass you can imagine. With a Home Depot Money Off Coupon from We Are Coupons glasses cost  less and the enjoyment is increased

There are several different types of drinking glasses. These include Coupes, Tankards, Tumblers, and Chalices. Each has their own unique purpose and function. This article will discuss the different types of these cups. In addition, it will give you some tips for selecting the proper glass for the occasion.




A tankard is a type of drinking glass that is traditionally used to serve beer. It does not have a lid like a stein, and it is cylindrical and clear. Its handle is large, making it easy to lift and transport large amounts of liquid. It also has extra-thick glass walls, which help keep the liquid ice-cold. This type of drinking glass is perfect for bar and restaurant use.


Tankards were originally made of a wood stave, and the bottom of the vessel was bound with small green wood hoops. It was originally a two-quart measure of ale, and it was intended to be passed from drinker to drink in the tavern. Its shape was supposed to discourage excessive drinking.


There are several types of tankards. One type is a stein, which is ornate and opens with your thumb. Steins are commonly found in pubs and restaurants serving large beers. Another type is a Tulip cup, which is smaller and curved at the top. It is meant for Scottish ales, but is also suitable for drinking other types of beer.


If you're planning a drinking party, you may want to consider using different types of drinking glasses. After all, drinking is about the experience, and a glass will enhance your experience. It can help you enjoy the taste of the beverage and retain the aroma. It can also help prevent body heat from warming the glass.



Coupes are a classic style of drinking glass that can be used for cocktails or for a variety of other purposes. They are inexpensive and easy to clean. They hold about nine and a half ounces of liquid. They're dishwasher-safe, making them a great everyday choice. But if you want a more elegant cocktail glass, go for a larger glass.


Coupe glasses are ideal for serving cocktails, especially martinis. Their wide bowl and short stem make them the perfect vessel for a cocktail, and they look great in any home bar. These glasses are also great for serving frozen drinks. They allow the carbonation in the drink to dissipate and don't heat up the cocktail like a regular glass does. The downside of a coupe glass is that it's prone to break easily, so you should always purchase a few.

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