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Quick Ways to Go Green in the Home

Quick Ways to Go Green in the Home

For decades Lowes has been helping Americans love their homes and love their lives. In recent years there has been a growing demand for homes and our lives to become greener. Going green need not cost a lot of money, in fact you can save money on green ideas at Lowes the amazing Lowes Money off coupons from We Are Coupons.  Buit what are some of the easiest and quickest ways to go green around your home?  Here are some ideas


Cold Water Wash

One of the biggest energy consumers in the home is laundry. Washing water in piping hot water to get it really clean has been the way of things for many years. To become more eco-friendly you need to start washing clothes in cold water. With modern detergents you can not only wash in cold water and get outstanding results but you can also wash on shorter cycles using less water and even less energy.  Are you ready to wash your clothes in cold water?

Skip the Dryer

Sticking with laundry the other massive energy consumer if your dryer.  Dryers make our lives easier and dry clothes perfectly in next to no time. Your dryer is not very environmentally friendly, and nature has her own way to dry your clothes.  Hanging washing on the line is greenest way to dry your clothes and laundry. Sure, it takes a little effort but the saving on the planet and on your pocket will be really felt in no time at all!

LED Lights

You have been promising to do this for too long.  Replacing even energy efficient light bulbs with super-efficient LEDs is an easy task and takes no time at all.  Modern lightbulbs with LEDs fit and work inside most conventional fittings and they reduce your energy bill dramatically. LED lights last longer too and this means they are better for environment.  Have you seen the light?

Turn Your Heating Down

One of the quickest and easiest ways to go green is to turn your heating down or not rely on your aircon to stay cool. Wearing clothes to keep warm or wearing less clothes to stay cool is something people have forgotten how to do. It is simple, it take no effort and your energy bills plummet and you make the earth a happier place!

Recycle and compost

This is a no brainer in some parts of the world.  Recycling (even upcycling)  and composting make absolute sense if you want a greener home. Recycling your trash means thinking before you throw something away and composting makes good use of your organic waste.  Buying a composter and setting it up is simple and you will never regret it.

Plant your own veggies

With your composter you will soon have something good for the garden and you can grow your own organic food. This is the ultimate in eco friendly living, your own food with your own compost, it is very much as nature intended

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