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Stocking Fillers for under $10

Stocking Fillers for under $10

When using a Lowes Money Off Coupon you will save money on your shopping at Lowes Instore. Savings of at least $10 per purchase are the norm and at We Are Coupons we love to come up with ideas on how to spend that $10. Here are a handful of stocking fillers for under $10 that people will actually use.

Happy Socks

These are amazing, much better than just ordinary socks. Happy Socks come in a variety of bright and cheerful colours and designs. Anyone can get a pair of socks but someone special will get a pair of Happy Socks for under $10  -


Extra Long Lightning Cable

Not the most exciting of Christmas gifts but at 6 feet long the extra-long lightning Anker Powerline is a superb gift that almost anyone will use. We all have those moments where a standard cable just doesn’t quite reach, this gift solves that problem for under $10

A relaxing face mask

For a lady, a face mask is a wonderful stocking filler that costs less than $10.  Sephora has a wonderful range of amazing face masks made from natural ingredients that work wonders for the face.

Double-ended Color Pencils

Kids love to draw and color in.  A set of Yoobi double ended color pencils is a wonderful gift idea that actually costs less than $5!  These brightly colored pencils are available at target and for any kid, these will be a stocking fillet they will use and use and use to really brighten up your life.

Dark Chocolate Caramels

Not the sort of gift you really use but very much the kind of gift you will want to eat. These wonderful, tasty and essentially very stylish dark chocolates from Bloomingdales are one of the most divine stocking fillers of all for less than $10. If you give these to better wish that whoever receives shares them!

A fast-charging power bank

On the go with your mobile phone and the power runs out. This is something just about everyone understands today.  You need a way to charge your device fast before the FOMO kicks in. This amazing A fast-charging power bank available at Target is the most hi-tech stocking filler for under $10 you can find.

Eco-friendly shoelaces

These amazing shoelaces available from Allbirds are made from recycled plastic bottles. Perfect for the planet conscious sportsman in the family these laces are stylish, a little quirky and cost spot on $10!

It really is amazing what you can get for $10 or less. Even better is how much money you can save at Lowes with a Lowes Money off Coupon from We Are Coupons. Visit our website today, purchase your Lowes Money Off Coupon and begin saving money so you can afford to spend a little extra on some stocking fillers this Christmas.

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