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How to Encourage Kids to Enjoy Gardening - Part 3

How to Encourage Kids to Enjoy Gardening  - Part 3

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To set your kids up for success, you should create a small garden space that is both easy to reach and safe for them to play in. If they're young, consider using a raised garden bed or containers that are only a few inches deep. This will make it easier for them to reach and move around their crop and will also allow you to control the amount of watering they have to do.


Once the kids are ready to plant their seeds, you can help them with their gardening tasks by giving them a watering can or hose. You can also have them help with the soil by spreading mulch and defining the borders of their garden.


Another great way to get kids involved in the garden is by making a living den or sculpture for them to play and relax in. Whether it's a treehouse or a willow structure, these types of gardens are designed to be long-lasting and will give your children a special place to escape from the world.


4. Let them eat what they grow

Getting children involved in gardening and helping with the harvesting and cleaning up of crops is a great way to teach kids about the importance of fresh produce. In addition, it also allows kids to connect with nature and develop their interest in the science of plants and how they grow.


One way to get your kids excited about gardening is by planting fruits, vegetables and herbs they can eat from the garden. This is a great way for them to taste test a variety of healthy foods, and it can also encourage them to try something they might otherwise be reluctant to eat.


Tomatoes, carrots, and cucumbers are some of the most popular vegetables for kids to plant in their gardens. They’re easy to grow and produce tasty fruit. In addition, many of these vegetables are able to be eaten right off the vine or in salads and other dishes.


Another favorite vegetable that grows well in a children’s garden is snap peas. These tender vegetables are great for snacking, as their sweet, juicy pods can last for weeks. They can be planted in early spring for an early harvest or late summer for a fall crop.


To make growing vegetables more fun for kids, consider letting them plan a theme garden. Some ideas include a pizza garden, salsa garden or one with rainbow-colored vegetables.


A lot of kids struggle to eat certain vegetables, so it’s important for them to be exposed to new tastes and textures as early as possible. Reading children’s books about gardening, eating and other themes, or watching videos, can help them develop a positive attitude towards vegetables.


Once they’ve learned about different veggies and their nutritional value, it’s time to start cooking with them. Let them learn about the ingredients they’ve gathered from the garden and come up with dishes that feature these fruits, vegetables and herbs.

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